AURA Ochrona Środowiska 2018/04

  • Nature Conservation Act. Comment
    The emergence of nature protection understood as one of the creative factors of the contemporary culture of nations and states of almost the whole world dates back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. However, the germs of nature conservation go far into the past and each country has its own experience and history in this field. The first commentary on the Nature Conservation Act in Poland was created twelve years ago. The reason for starting work on the publication were numerous changes that took place in Polish legislation under the influence of Poland's accession to the European Union. At the same time, the Nature Conservation Act was difficult and complicated, and in the author's opinion it was one of the most important segments of legal environmental protection.
  • Noise - a threat to the environment and health
    The noise is usually a sound of excessive intensity (too loud) in a given place and time, perceived as: "pointless, then troublesome, annoying, nagging, and finally harmful". The source of audible sounds are bodies set in vibrations, the energy of which is sufficient to cause in our organ of hearing even the weakest listening experience ......
  • Dynamic computer models in teaching nature
    The world around us is in a way specific to each other, arranged in time and space, individual objects and physical bodies appearing in all physical states, with phenomena and processes related to them. The external world also includes events that are social processes. All this is the object of our perception. The phenomena observed in the macro world are a consequence of the processes taking place in the micro world, the elements of which are atoms, ions and molecules. For this reason, in order to explain the course of phenomena observed in the macro world, we have to refer to processes occurring at the micro level.
  • Technological curiosities from the world
    Potassium supports solar cells. It turns out that a simple solution of potassium can increase the efficiency of solar cells of the next generation. Research conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge found that the addition of potassium iodide enhanced ion motions in inefficient low-cost perovskite cells. For the new generation of solar cells, it could be used as an outer layer on classic cells made of silicon.
  • Dynamic street lighting systems - an example of Smart City solutions
    When in 2012 scientific work on the practical application of graph grammars was started, no one expected that their effect would be the award-winning start-up associated with the design and management of outdoor lighting. Standard methods of lighting design by designers, supported by software verifying standards, did not bring tangible results; despite repeated attempts, more than two X-rays were still appearing in many places. Research and development carried out by the AGH research team led to the formalization of the subject. Graph grammars were used for this, and artificial intelligence algorithms were additionally used to lower the computational complexity of the project.