AURA Ochrona Środowiska 2018/05

  • The economy of closed natural resources (3)
  • Protection of green areas and tree stands (2)
    Green areas have been a very desirable ingredient in space, especially urban spaces. They function as environmental filters, suppress noise, are a place of rest and recreation, and sometimes serve as a green school room. So how to effectively protect them? Who should care for them? Is it possible to assume more of them so that the quality of life of urban and rural residents will be at an even higher level?
  • Revitalization of Radom parks (10)
  • Economy of the Environment - Chinese emissions trading (18)
  • Nature and landscape complex "Żabie Doły" in the heart of the GOP (20)
  • Renewable energy sources - agricultural biogas plants (2) (21)
    The profitability of the agricultural biogas plant is influenced by technological and market parameters, related to individual components of costs and revenues of the installation, which should be selected at the stage of concept design in order to optimize the profitability of the project, which requires the investor to carry out a thorough analysis of demand and supply. Economic analyzes indicate that the most advantageous variant of the implementation of biogas plants in Polish conditions is to integrate it within a farm and livestock farm or agri-food processing plant and base the project on reducing costs of energy acquisition, purchase of fertilizers and waste utilization.
  • Think about Przyroda na Nowo - The uncertainty of mountain gorillas (24)
    Climate change threatens the future of not only species such as the polar bear, imperial penguin or whitefish associated with cold regions. Progressing climate change is considered the greatest threat to global biodiversity. Rapidly increasing air and water temperatures result in drastic changes in the habitats of plants and animals. A mountain gorilla is one of the most endangered species in the world.
  • From the case law of the Court of Justice of the EU - Judgment of the Court of 14 March 2018 concerning the placing on the market of products containing genetically modified soy (26)
  • The suffering lagoon (31)
  • Paragraph and Environment - Unlawful abandonment of waste within the protected landscape area (5)
    Does unlawful abandonment of waste in the protected landscape area exhaust the signs of illegal waste proceeding or, rather, the offense of violating the values of the protected landscape area?
  • Technological interest from the world (33)
  • Ecological Chronicle - April 2018 (34)
  • Review - Kinga Bonenberg's Unknown Ties of Nature (35)