UDT Inspektor (TIA Inspector) 2019/01

  • Technical equipment inspector - responsible profession (4)
    Nowadays, millions of people fly by air. As passengers, we often think about whether the engineers servicing the plane were competent, did everything in their power so that we could safely reach the destination. We all understand the role of inspection in aviation, we are not all aware of how catastrophic the effects of testing technical devices by incompetent persons or failure to perform technical tests can be catastrophic. Disasters of technical devices in installations and industrial plants may cause, like air disasters, victims in people, additionally threaten global pollution of the area around the installation.
  • Can it be even better? - energy efficiency potential (6)
    Our company has a good energy balance! Does it mean that we have reached our maximum and we can not be more energy-efficient? Most people are aware of the importance of energy efficiency and can list the actions that should be taken to achieve energy savings.
  • Effective KGHM (12)
    The Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź verified the strategic directions of the company's development. One of them is improving efficiency in key production areas. KGHM as the largest consumer of electricity in Poland, consuming about 6 TWH of energy in one year, reduces the use of energy utilities as one of the most important long-term goals in the company.
  • Technical support for the selection of a crane - tips for modernization (15)
    The Office of Technical Inspection operates on the market of commercial services. One of the types of services offered by UDT-CERT is expertise. These are services that are intended to confirm or specify specific properties, parameters of technical devices, device components, material properties. The scope of these services also includes activities consisting in certifying the performance of certain activities by the manufacturer. To facilitate the performance of this type of services, a standard expertise package was developed.
  • RESURS - is it or not? (21)
    The provisions of the Ordinance of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 30 October 2018 regarding the technical conditions for technical supervision in the field of operation, repairs and modernization of transport equipment concern the operation phase of all transport equipment indicated in § 1 of the regulation and are addressed to their operators. Therefore, the issues regarding the necessity of registering the UTB operation history, determining the residuals and the degree of its utilization formulated in § 7 of the Regulation constitute the obligations of the UTB operator.
  • Hoist's resistance and operational durability of the load-bearing structure (23)
    The concept of crane lifetime should undoubtedly be associated with the notion of operational durability of its load-bearing structure, which in real conditions of use is primarily characterized by fatigue effort. This stresses occur at selected locations in the main parts of the load-bearing structure. They are subject in the process of designing the so-called durable dimensioning. This is to provide them with the mentioned operational durability in the design lifetime of the crane.
  • eUDT w G-Logistic - modern methods of technical security management (28)
    The challenge of the growing branch of transport is to maintain high quality services in a competitive environment and the changing market situation. Although the future of the industry is good, active participation in business requires constant customer care and the development of skilful management of the company. The search for new ways to participate in the market must be accompanied by constant attention to technical and human security.
  • Technical bodies of standardization units with UDT representation (31)
    The cooperation of the Office of Technical Inspection with the technical bodies of standardization units results, on the one hand, from the will to participate in the process of creating standards and the intention to acquire knowledge on the latest technological developments, and on the other - the recognition of the technical competence of UDT by the Polish Committee for Standardization areas in which its representatives can support the development of standards.
  • XVII UDT crane conference is behind us (34)
    On 6-8 March, the STOK Hotel in Wisła hosted an annual UDT Crane Conference organized by the UDT Branch in Krakow on the subject of "Standards, specifications, technical documents related to the 2014/33 / EU crane directive".
  • Relationships and announcements (35)

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