Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2021/08

  • News
    • Negotiations as a condition for issuing a decision limiting the use of real estate
    • Signing the complaint to the administrative court with an electronic signature
    • Blood transfusion against the will of the patient
    • Poland's refusal to issue a long-stay visa
    • Framing of protected works
    • Obligation to cooperate with a national lawyer
  • Articles
    • Whistleblower protection. Implementation of the whistleblower directive
    • Appropriate application of the provisions on the process to independent proceedings regulated in the Code of Civil Procedure
    • Article 458 of the Code of Civil Procedure in the light of regulating the form of legal acts
    • The limits of parental authority
    • The limits of freedom in deciding on the distribution of the profit of a limited liability company
    • Lack of consent of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to reduce the share fund of a cooperative bank and the bank's obligation to pay the terminated members' shares

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