Monitor Prawa Pracy (Labor Law Monitor) 2020/01

  • News
    • Overtime in the task system of working time
    • Payment of full remuneration by the employer for a personal benefit
    • Changes in the law
    • Draft legal acts
  • Articles
    • Running a business by a teacher while on vacation to improve health
    • No pay discrimination based on political beliefs
    • OFE, PPK, IKE (+) - changes in the pension system 2019-2021. Legal and economic analysis. Part II: Employee Capital Plans
    • Anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing regulation after the amendment of the Labor Code
    • The problem of "profiling the unemployed" in the jurisprudence of administrative courts
    • Criteria for selecting employees for dismissal while reducing employment for reasons not related to employees
    • Performing paid work while receiving sickness benefit
    • Automatic termination of employment
    • Work time distribution
    • Differentiation of retirement age by sex in selected CJEU rulings - Part 1

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