Inspektor Pracy 2018/05

  • In the Parlament of the Republic of Poland
    • Official session of the Labor Protection Council (3)
      From the commemoration of the memory of those who died, while providing work, a minute began on April 26, 2018 at the Sala im. Anna Walentynowicz of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, solemn session of the Labor Protection Council, convened in connection with the celebration of the International Day of Remembrance of Industrial Victims and Occupational Diseases. The honorary patron of the meeting was the Speaker of the Parlament, Marek Kuchciński.
  • Appeal to the Parlament of the Republic of Poland (5)
  • News not only from the country (6)
  • Holidays and bonuses and prizes (8)
    Many practical doubts determine the entitlement to remuneration for a period of annual leave, and to determine exactly which incentive components granted to employees should be included in the remuneration in question, which should be disregarded
  • Suspend exploitation (12)
    The amendment to the Act on the National Labor Inspectorate, which took place in 2007, introduced new types of order decisions issued by labor inspectors. One of them was specified in Article 11 (3) and concerned an order to suspend the operation of machinery and equipment in a situation where their operation causes an immediate threat to human life or health.
  • Who wants to punish himself must be without fault (15)
    The imposition of an employer secretly recording meetings with the crew of the esbian methods causes the punishment of the employee reprimanded.
  • National Labor Inspectorate on SAWO (17)
    Safety and protection of work is dedicated to one of the largest trade fairs in Poland - International Trade Fair for Labor Protection, Fire and Rescue SAWO. On April 24-26, 2018, its next edition took place in Poznań.
  • SAWO 2018 (18)
  • Falls from scaffolding (20)
    Working scaffoldings are one of the most commonly used on temporary construction structures designed for work at heights. When properly assembled, they ensure safety, but inspections by labor inspectors show that the way scaffolding is set and operated leaves much to be desired.
  • Motivation through benefits (26)
    Brainstorm about benefits resulting from knowledge of labor law and health and safety regulations Aneta Narutowicz, lawyer and historian by profession, and teacher by passion begins her classes with young people at the Technical and Commercial School in Białystok.
  • Shop exploitation (29)
    A wage payment of PLN 20,000, six thousand fines and notification of the prosecutor's office regarding the suspicion of several offenses being committed by the employer has ended the inspection in one of the grocery chain stores.
  • From the archives of the "Labor Inspector" (30)
  • A Memoir of Edward Zwierzchowski (32)
  • Library (35)
  • Lack of supervision due to fatal accidents at work (36)