Bezpieczny Magazyn (Secure Warehouse) 2020/03

  • Permanent actions on consciousness (2)
  • 5 things to pay attention to when looking for comfortable work clothes (4)
    They say a good start is half the job. What about the rest? Here, experts should agree that tools are also of key importance. These include durable and practical work clothes. We advise you on what to pay attention to when choosing it, so that it provides adequate comfort and convenience during work - both for a pro-professional and a home DIY enthusiast.
  • Changes in the standard for ladders PN-EN 131-4 (8)
    Construction site safety is one of the most important topics discussed by industry experts. And no wonder! The data of the Central Statistical Office for 2019 show that there were an average of 13 accidents on construction sites every day. Such a situation requires appropriate actions on the part of employees, employers and legislators. One of the initiatives they have undertaken is to increase the comfort and safety of users of articulated ladders, which can be used as a working platform. The changes proposed in the PN-EN 131-4 standard will enter into force on October 1 this year. The article explains what exactly they are about.
  • Can the employer conduct drug tests on his employees? (10)
    In recent weeks, there have been several traffic accidents caused by bus drivers under the influence or after the use of drugs. In response to these incidents, some carriers began to conduct anti-drug checks on their employees. Did they have the right to do so?
  • Dangerous goods training (12)
    Dachser Polska, a logistics operator that also deals with the handling of dangerous goods, will organize a second series of specialist training courses for its employees this year. The trainings concern the handling of shipments with hazardous materials and will be held at the Dachser branches in Wrocław and Sosnowiec.
  • Ecology in warehouse spaces (14)
    Over 80% of tenants ask about pro-ecological solutions in warehouses, of which 60% would like the facility to have an eco-certificate, according to a study conducted by an international company that published a report entitled Industrial Goes Green entirely devoted to ecological solutions in the warehouse sector.
  • Climate change - new challenges for OSH services (16)
    For the first time, according to Global Risks Report 2020, the first five largest global risks for business concern the environment, incl. extreme weather phenomena. Windstorms, storms, flooding, and extremely high temperatures have an impact on the safety of work and business also in Poland.
  • Factors supporting safe work in a warehouse (18)
    The concept of a safe warehouse can be considered both in the context of an employee who should comply with certain standards and rules at work, and in the context of an employer whose task is to effectively reduce and prevent factors threatening the warehouse users.
  • Programs and activities influencing the awareness of safe work in a warehouse (21)
    When designing a warehouse, it must be remembered that the goods are stored in appropriate conditions and that the people working in it are not endangered. During their work, warehouse staff must be sure that they are not threatened by the stored goods or other employees.
  • Warehouse protection in the eyes of the insurer (23)
    The storage of goods is a fundamental process in the functioning of many enterprises. What should you do and what should you pay special attention to if you want to insure this property?
  • Operationally perfect warehouse (27)
    The logistics warehouse of DB Schenker in Łódź was awarded for operational excellence. Following the audit, the property was granted bronze status under the XSITE corporate standard.
  • Buildings must be smart today (29)
    PropTech and smart solutions for real estate have been entering an increasing number of buildings for several years. However, so far the traditional real estate market has adapted new technologies at a rather moderate pace. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely accelerated these changes, creating new needs and work styles.
  • Will robots replace us with the pandemic? (32)
    Report Procontent Communication - a consulting company in the field of PR and communication, which examined Poles' fears about the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Buy or use? (35)
    The growing popularity of car sharing, Uber, Airbnb, straming services or the bike sharing system illustrates the changes that have occurred in society in recent years. Needs began to be redefined, which in turn changed the approach to having. In the media - and not only - the name sharing economy appeared, describing the increasingly popular phenomenon of sharing goods.
  • Inspections of warehouse racks (37)
    Every year there is more and more warehouse space in Poland, which translates into an increasing number of rack structures that constitute the basic equipment of warehouses. Racks, extremely useful in a warehouse, are exposed to damage during intensive works related to distribution, which in turn weaken the rack structures and, consequently, may lead to their collapse. For many years, the Polish Association of Storage Technology has been conducting PRSES training for people responsible for the safety of storage systems.
  • Distribution of responsibilities in the life cycle of warehouse racks (40)
    The warehouse market in the area of racking systems is shaped in two ways: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative is related to customers whose needs determine the sales volume. The qualitative aspect should, however, be attributed to rack manufacturers who almost entirely manufacture and deliver their equipment in accordance with technical standards, and to those who create certain standards. How is it possible, then, that despite the many years of tradition of many companies, and the presence of the above-mentioned standards, a large number of standards and safety requirements the market still does not function in accordance with the guidelines contained therein?

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