• Modern methods of measuring the concentration of harmful dusts in underground mine workings
    The article describes examples of modern techniques for measuring aerosols in the work environment in terms of their use in monitoring of air dust in underground mines. Presented are the exemplary measurement results obtained from various optical dust meters, which enable more accurate identification of harmful dusts at the workplace.
  • Historical outline of Polish legal regulations in the field of environmental protection in mining (Communication)
    For millennia, mankind has been trying to encompass various scopes of its activity, including mining activities, which often significantly shape and change the surrounding nature. Regulations concerning mining activities or the protection of elements of nature began to appear in Poland in the early period of its statehood (e.g. the Bull of Pope Innocent II of July 7, 1136 or the Statute of Casimir the Great from 1368). However, we had to wait longer for regulations regulating these issues more comprehensively. It was Ordunek Gorny from 1528. During the partitions of Poland, different legal regulations were in force in the areas incorporated into the partition countries, after regaining independence, they were replaced by the ordinance of the President of the Republic of Poland - the Mining Law of 1930. It did not regulate the Geological and Mining Law currently in force, issues of nature and environment protection, which, although indirectly and to a small extent referring to mining activities, were included in the Act on Nature Conservation of 1934. Similarly, the state of legal and environmental regulations with regard to mining activities in the initial period of the Polish People's Republic, when the decree was in force mining from 1953 and the Nature Conservation Act of 1949. Over time, the legislator began to recognize the need to protect the environment more and more. In 1980, an act on the protection and shaping of the environment, which was significant in this regard, was passed. The protection of environmental elements in mining gained elementary importance only during the Third Republic of Poland, which was reflected in the entry into force of the Act - Geological and Mining Law of 1994. A significant stimulus for further development of legal regulations in the field of environmental protection in mining was also Poland's accession to the EU structures .
  • The risk of collapses in the mining plants of KGHM Polska Miedź in 2019 (Communication)
    One of the hazards occurring during mining works is the possibility of collapse of the excavation roof. In the article, against the background of the statistics of collapses in Polish copper ore mines in 2005-2020, the characteristics of collapses in the LGOM mining plants in 2019 are presented, together with a discussion of their causes.
  • Workers' strikes in post-war Poland in 1945-1947
  • Forgotten genocide. If the mine could scream ...
  • Premature retirement of the Chamber of Tradition of KWK "Sośnica"
  • 40 years with bowling

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