Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2019/02

  • Simplified analysis of the course of continuous deformations in the place of foundation of the object
    The article presents an example of the analysis of the impact of mining operations on a building structure. As in many cases, no geodetic measurements were carried out in the area of the facility. Therefore, the analysis was carried out using the Budryk-Knothe theory. Computer simulation of space-time development of exploitation allowed to determine probable, maximum values of deformation indices. The time of completion of the deformation of the mining area was determined using the empirical formulas developed for this purpose. The work also draws attention to the problem of summation of horizontal deformations in long time intervals.
  • Diagnostic tests of the main drive motors of mine dewatering pumps
    The article discusses selected diagnostic tests of electric motors driving pumps in main drainage pumping stations in underground mines. there are also examples of tests and interpretation of results allowing for the assessment of the technical condition of the tested machines.
  • Polish thermal waters - an example of their unconventional use for sea fish farms
    The article presents the issues of exploitation of thermal waters in Poland and - on the example of mining plants operating in the area of local jurisdiction of the District Mining Office in Poznań - ways of using them, with special consideration of the unconventional use of Jurassic geothermal water for organic, sea fish farming (Atlantic salmon).
  • Psychological load on workplaces in rock raw materials mines
    Mental stress due to stress in the workplace is an important problem in the mining industry. It can cause employee absenteeism, decrease in work efficiency and health problems. The paper presents research on this problem by means of a questionnaire. The analysis of the survey showed that the most onerous and stressful conditions for employees were harmful conditions in the mine and the pressure caused by the timeliness of the tasks performed and the size of the achieved result.
  • "Mining window" twice a month
  • People with the passion of Life on the trail. Stanisław Bajda - a retired coal miner KWK "Ziemowit"
  • History and present day of mining. Miners returned from economic emigration in France, Belgium and Yugoslavia. And they could not leave again
  • History and the present of mining from the history of a forgotten mining empire, that is, we are on holiday in these highland forests ...

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