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    • The National Labor Inspectorate's action program for 2022 - epidemic, civil contracts and employee complaints (3)
      This year, the labor inspection plans to conduct 52,000 jobs. Control. One third of the checks will be the inspector's interventions in specific exercises. This form of activity will be supplemented by legal advice, which is becoming more and more popular among employees every year. Which companies will be inspected by the labor inspection this year?
    • The company list of work in special conditions under the control of the National Labor Inspectorate (4)
      The National Labor Inspectorate will be able to verify the list of workstations kept by the employer where work is performed in special conditions or of a special nature. The introduction of, inter alia, such a change is included in the draft amendment to the provisions on bridging pensions.
    • Changes in the costs of using a company car for private purposes (5)
      The rules for determining the income from the use of company cars by employees for private purposes will change. These changes are one of the many elements of the Polish order. What amount will most employees pay PIT?
  • Recipes with a comment
    • Retention of a driving license = suspension of driving privileges (6)
      The latest amendment to the Road Transport Act does not only involve changes to driver training. It is also a new procedure for withdrawing the authorization to drive vehicles. As of December 5 last year, the driver automatically loses his / her rights with the loss of the driving license.
  • Health and safety service
    • Cooperation with the social labor inspection and trade unions - 20 task of the health and safety service (8)
      If the workplace has trade unions and social labor inspection, the tasks of the health and safety service include cooperation with these structures. OHS service employees must demonstrate formal qualifications. However, this does not apply to persons managing company trade unions and social labor inspectors. In practice, this may cause difficulties in terms of cooperation. The more so as the health and safety service is a body that performs advisory and control functions reporting directly to the employer.
    • Health and safety analysis vs job evaluation (9)
      It is the responsibility of the health and safety service to prepare periodic health and safety analyzes. Is the assessment of the workplace the same as the health and safety analysis?
  • The subject of the issue
    • OHS on commission, i.e. on the influence of Polish law on settlements under civil contracts (10)
      Contract of mandate is the most popular form of employment, right after the employment contract. It is subject to the provisions of the Civil Code and is an agreement of due diligence. By such an agreement, the person who accepts the order undertakes to perform a specific legal action for the other person giving the order. It is a title to old-age and disability pension insurance, but in combination with another title, it can only be covered by health insurance. In terms of tax, the revenues from orders are taxed, but also here there are exceptions in the form of exemptions, which will increase from January 1, 2022. What solutions included in the Polish Governance will affect the settlement of remuneration under contracts of mandate in 2022?
  • Accidents at work
    • Accident analysis - a fatal accident during wood processing (14)
      The article presents an analysis of an accident at work which occurred while cutting wooden elements with a mechanical multi-saw. What exactly happened and what were the causes of the accident in the opinion of the labor inspector?
    • Tissues, organs, damage - a problematic post-accident injury (15)
      In the event of an accident at work, the determination of the relationship between the accident and work, the external cause and the urgency of the event is left to the discretion of the members of the accident team. It is a bit more difficult with an injury, which is the fourth necessary condition for an accident at work. In many situations, the accident team does not have the knowledge to properly assess every possible injury. Moreover, they are often not able to establish its existence at all. Then what?
  • COVID-19 and OHS
    • A home test for COVID-19 is positive. What next (17)
      What actions is the employer obliged to take when the employee informs him about the positive result of the pharmacy test for COVID-19? What should an employee do when they test positive for a home test? Is hospital / sanitary tests the only reliable test that is the basis for sending employees to quarantine?
  • Health and safety training - experts answer
    • How long is the first aid training valid? (18)
      The regulations do not specify the period of validity of employee first aid training. This rule also applies to teachers. It cannot be ruled out that the content of the certificate issued after the first aid training, which was organized separately from the occupational health and safety training, indicates a specific validity period of such a certificate. However, it is not binding on the basis of the provisions regulating the obligation to familiarize or train employees with the principles of first aid.
  • Working conditions
    • Mobile devices and the right to prescription glasses (19)
      What three decades ago was reserved exclusively for large desktops, can now be done with greater efficiency and speed by the simplest smartphone or tablet. The share of mobile devices in work processes is growing. Unfortunately, the regulations do not keep pace with technological development. That is why the organization of work with mobile devices comes back from time to time. Doubts are raised by the obligation to provide corrective glasses for people who work with screens smaller than computer screens.
  • Safety training
    • Threats at the workplace of a snow spreader operator (21)
      Winter and the related snowfall is a period of hard work for operators of sandblasters, plows and other machines used to maintain the passage of roads in a proper condition. During the on-the-job training, it is very important to make the employee aware that working in such conditions requires scrupulous observance of health and safety rules. Knowing the hazards at the workplace will allow the operator to perform his tasks in a life-threatening manner. It will also reduce the number of accidents at work.
  • Health and safety instructions
    • Safety instructions for work with the use of a computer (23)
  • Questions and Answers
    • Who can work on road culverts (24)
      Road culverts are usually space that can be entered through a small opening. Therefore, cleaning and repair work qualifies as confined space work. It is a particularly dangerous job.

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