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      S.C. 42 is a joint IEC and ISO committee for the development of International Standards in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The Committee develops horizontal standards that form the basis for the development of AI in many industries and applications. He works closely with the IEC and ISO technical committees, where work is focused on sector-specific vertical standards.
    • Using AI to fight climate change (8)
      Artificial intelligence (AI) can help in the fight against climate change, thus enabling the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13. As the world becomes more digital, artificial intelligence is an increasingly natural part of our daily lives.
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    • Joint actions on e-waste and eco-design (12)
      The IEC International Standards and the four IEC Conformity Assessment (CA) Schemes together play a central role in achieving all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. One area where the combined efforts of standardization and conformity assessment experts can make a huge difference is in the electrical and electronics industry.
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    • Relay protections in the power industry (16)
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