Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Standarization) 2020/08

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    • Remote everyday life and norms (4)
      Never before have we needed more reliable information and communication technologies than today. As the global COVID-19 pandemic forces the world to self-isolate, we increasingly realize that information and communication technologies (ICT) such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and automatic identification and data capture techniques make it possible there is remote everyday life, i.e. remote work and learning, remote medicine or shopping and services. International Standards covering precisely these areas of technology are developed by a joint Information Technology Technical Committee.
  • From standardization work
    • Travel Industry Guidelines on COVID-19 (8)
      In collaboration with the Spanish Institute for Quality Tourism, the Spanish Standardization Body recently published a series of national guidelines providing guidance and recommendations on COVID-19.
    • Machine Reading Emotions (10)
      There is tremendous progress in research into a new field known as affective computing that aims to combine computational technology and human emotions. Efforts are going to find ways to recognize the user's mood (happiness, anger, depression, etc.) and allow robots and computers to tailor their responses based on information about the user's emotional state.
    • Codex Alimentarius (12)
      Why is food safety important? Do the law and applicable regulations not provide sufficient certainty about food products?
    • For bicycle (16)
      Bicycles have become a popular means of transport, and the pandemic has further strengthened this trend, if only because of the need to avoid congestion in public transport. The appearance of e-bikes, i.e. traditional two-wheelers equipped with an auxiliary electric drive, gained many supporters.
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