• Topic of the issue: Energy
    • Safety of production processes (6)
      Safety in production plants is a very broad concept. It concerns both the continuity of production and the protection of employees against accidents. It is easy to see that one is closely related to the other. So what security systems are used in enterprises?
    • Polygeneration - an opportunity or a threat for the company? (10)
      Energy efficiency can manifest itself in a number of activities. It can be said that the pool of proposed technical and non-technical solutions is very wide. Today, one can ask the question of how much risk is involved in making decisions about the implementation of polygeneration (cogeneration or trigeneration) in a plant.
  • Report
    • Adiabatic cooling of production halls (14)
      In large-volume facilities, which include production halls, an adiabatic cooling system is used. This is a very effective solution that not only supports, but often even replaces the air conditioning system.
  • Concepts
    • Lean Six Sigma, or a combination of the two most effective methods for process improvement (17)
    • Autonomous Maintenance - how can the right selection of a team support the achievement of TPM goals? (22)
      The article focuses on one of the most important goals of the implementation of Autonomous Maintenance - the involvement of all employees of the company in maintaining the machine park in perfect condition.
    • How to approach lean transformation and build a committed team open to change? (26)
      Customer expectations are increasing day by day. They expect faster deadlines, better quality, competitive prices and continuous improvement from their suppliers. This forces a continuous increase in efficiency, i.e. obtaining the expected results with the lowest possible consumption of resources. No company will improve its effectiveness if managers and employees are not engaged in the implementation of their tasks and goals. This means that they should do the right things in the right way and with full commitment.
  • Prevention
    • Spare parts warehouse optimization (29)
      When starting to consider spare parts, it is worth answering one question: Why do we keep spare parts in stock? The most common answers include, above all, long delivery times, obsolescence of technology and the failure rate of machines and installations. Of course, the warehouse will not hold all the spare parts and technical materials for our machine park, which is why the key element is the proper management of spare parts. As you know - spare parts and consumables in the warehouse are primarily frozen working capital. Additional elements that generate an increase in storage costs are the supervision of materials in the warehouse and ways to secure them. In addition, managing too many spare parts can necessitate the hiring of additional staff.
  • Exploitation
    • Machine cleaning methods (34)
      Maintenance staff are aware that dirty mechanisms work worse, wear out faster and are more likely to fail. A layer of dirt causes their overheating, and also effectively masks the first signs of defects. Therefore, in order to maintain the efficiency of the machine and the line on which it works, it is necessary to wash and clean them periodically.
    • Clean Machine = Improved Efficiency (37)
      The concept of purity, in various contexts, has always accompanied humanity. Today we look at the cleanliness of the machine in terms of its increased efficiency. However, can you notice a significant impact of whether it will be more efficient if it is clean?
  • Technologies
    • Investment in modern robotic technologies - cost analysis (40)
      Robotization of industrial plants brings benefits in the form of increased production efficiency. Its undoubted advantages also include improving the quality of products and optimizing costs. Many companies decide to purchase robots also due to the lack of qualified production workers. However, the question remains whether the investment costs to be incurred for the purchase of robotic technologies can be recouped in an acceptable time?
  • People management
    • Onboarding of foreigners (42)
      Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 2 million people fleeing the armed conflict have arrived in Poland. How to prepare existing teams for the reception of an employee from abroad and how to make it easier for refugees to start working in Polish enterprises?
  • Events
    • Fairs full of inspiration (48)
  • Special additive: Oils and lubricants
    • Real Time Oil Monitoring (58)
      An important component of many machines, as well as an important subsystem of many production systems, is the lubrication system. Its basic tasks are to reduce friction resistance and dissipate heat, the generation of which always accompanies friction processes, and in some cases also to ensure tightness between the cooperating surfaces. Additional tasks include: cleaning rubbing surfaces and protecting them against corrosion. An element of the lubrication system is typically a filter that is designed to retain oil contaminants.

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