• Subject of the issue: Safety of production processes
    • IoT and production security (6)
      IoT - the Internet of Things - is one of the foundations of industry 4.0. This technology has a significant impact on the improvement of production safety. At the same time, we are still working on increasing cybersecurity, including precisely in the context of the application of IoT.
    • "Safety first" in the era 4.0 (8)
      On the one hand, all technological solutions allow users to use much more and much more precisely from the broadly understood technology. Thanks to robots, we can get to places that we had not thought about until recently. Thanks to the Internet, we are able to go anywhere in the world, like the gods of Olympus, see what is going on with our other "earthly friends".
    • Advantages of vision systems in production (12)
      Quality control is one of the most important stages of production. This is the basic form of product or service compliance verification. It gives direct information on whether the production or service process is running properly. Continuous technological development generates newer and newer tools to assist in quality control. The growing popularity in this respect is, among others, computer image analysis and processing.
  • Report
    • Pure benefits, or how to clean hydraulic systems in machines? (14)
      There is no need to convince anyone about the necessity to change oils and clean hydraulic systems. The efficiency and service life of the devices largely depend on the correctness of this procedure. It should remove any contamination from both internal and external surfaces of the system. Despite the importance of the process, there is likely to be no area associated with hydraulic and lubrication systems with major differences between theory and practice.
  • Concepts
    • Foundations for creating a diagnostic program (16)
      Since always, the maintenance and maintenance of equipment in good condition have been at the center of attention of people who care about the correct course of the production process. The most primitive methods of repairing or replacing defective elements were introduced from the very beginning of the existence of even the simplest machines. With the increasing complexity of the process and the devices themselves, this task began to cause more and more difficulties. The search for effective methods and strategies was started to ensure failure-free and continuous process.
  • Prevention
    • Safe workplace - safe operation of the machine (22)
      The Labor Code imposes an obligation on the employer to ensure that the machines and other technical devices used ensure safe and hygienic working conditions, in particular, protect the employee against injuries, exposure to hazardous chemicals, electric shock, excessive noise , the action of mechanical vibrations and radiation as well as the harmful and dangerous effects of other factors of the work environment, as well as taking into account the principles of ergonomics. The employer is also obliged to equip machines and other technical devices with appropriate safeguards.
  • Exploitation
    • Evil Breeds Evil: Ransomware (28)
      Ransomware is one of the malware categories . It is designed to block access to your computer. Block until the ransom sum required by the intruder is transferred by the victim to the indicated account. But not always. Ransomware is also used to attack critical infrastructure. Then the goal is not to ransom, but to do damage. Several examples of its application to such infrastructure that took place in the past year are described in the article.
    • Oil outsourcing: what is oil service outsourcing? (35)
      The idea of outsourcing consists in outsourcing activities not directly related to the main profile of the company's activity to external companies. One of the many examples of such action is entrusting an oil service to a specialized company. In many cases, this can mean specific savings for the machine owner and guarantees of reliable operation of the lubrication systems.
  • Technologies
    • Food labeling (38)
      Food labeling or packaging should bear information to protect the health of consumers and allow them to make informed choices.
    • Vision systems used in industry with the use of CCTV (40)
      Vision systems are popular in many industries, from the food industry to the automotive industry. They may not be new to the market, but their popularization in industry is relatively small. Most companies still use standard tools and simple sensors. However, when it is necessary to read data precisely, standard tools and sensors are not sufficient.
  • People management
    • Motivating employees - some practical remarks (42)
  • Special supplement: IT solutions for production
    • Safety sensors for robots (62)
      The increasing presence of robots in every production zone requires increased efforts to ensure the safety of operators. A traditional cage is not always enough, because heavy industrial robots are more and more often encountered in areas where the operator works or where he must be provided with access. The solution is advanced sensor-based safety systems that provide protection without compromising the performance of the robots.
    • Industry 4.0 - will robots save the construction industry? (65)
      Industry 4.0 is changing the face of more companies. The domestic manufacturing and construction industry, including the component industry, stands out significantly from the rest of Europe. Unfortunately, it owes its position - so far - mainly to low production and service costs.

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