• Subject of the issue: Diagnostics
    • Modern techniques in machine diagnostics (6)
      In Industry 4.0, there is less and less space for a foreman with a hammer to tap the housing in search of a potential machine failure. On the other hand, electronics and IIoT are taking up more and more space .
    • Online machine diagnostics (10)
      Currently, technical capabilities have made online machine diagnostics the basis of preventive maintenance. It allows you to increase the availability of machines through early detection of damage, as well as coordination of their repairs.
  • Report
    • Automation as a cure for staff shortages (12)
      In the era of the coronavirus pandemic , the search for a drug and vaccine was (or still is) the first need. This situation also meant that we had to verify how our production plants should be run in such situations.
  • Concepts
    • Six mistakes in the implementation of autonomous maintenance (15)
      The implementation of autonomous maintenance by many companies is seen as a remedy for problems with the machine package and increasing the involvement of operators in taking care of its condition. However, in order to achieve the set goals and improve cooperation between production and maintenance, it is necessary to avoid a few common mistakes and use a few good practices.
  • Prevention
    • Increasing the safety of employees and the workplace - the case study (18)
      Does the company aim to introduce special isolating valves or electrical disconnects for each new production line? When modernizing the enterprise, do the people responsible for the project make sure that LOTO procedures reflect the changes introduced? Is the company sure that it has made every effort to ensure that their employees can perform their duties in a safe environment? If the answer to any of these questions is "no", then the implementation of the LOTO procedure may prove to be not only useful, but also necessary to build a safe production environment.
    • Pseudoprojekt SA - part III: energy (24)
      Was it possible in the 15th century to be a geologist, mathematician, engineer, architect (building not only wells or bridges, but also fortifications) and also an excellent inventor (including war machines) and was it possible to be a recognized painter, sculptor, musician and writer at the same time, and if that was not enough, also an explorer, anatomist, philosopher and cartographer? What general and engineering knowledge is required today to work in a design office and implement projects that are either partially or entirely related to technical condition supervision systems? Before the answers are given, let's take a look at a few facts that have occurred over the past dozen years.
  • Exploitation
    • Central lubrication systems and their importance in industry (32)
      Central lubrication systems play an important role in industrial machinery parks. Their task is to ensure the proper operation of machines and their parts. They are used in various types of devices, enabling proper lubrication, among others gears, bearings and chains.
  • Technologies
    • Innovations in production for the Polish food industry (36)
      Although food processing is almost as old as the world, the food industry is still an industry with great potential for change. They result from the very development of technology and changes in food preferences and the impact of food production on the environment. Therefore, on the one hand, innovative technical solutions affect production, and on the other hand, social needs force innovation. Some of them stem from the same trends that accompany other Industry 4.0 solutions. Others reach almost futuristic heights, straight from science fiction movies .
    • Programmable Timers in Control Systems (40)
      With the automation of production processes, timers have gradually been replaced by iPLC controllers. Consequently, the manufacturers of time relays had to meet customer requirements. Thanks to this, time relays have recently gained popularity again, but at this point a question arises. Is the current "time trial" still the same product as a few years ago?
    • High pressure air humidification (42)
      Direct air humidification with high pressure technology is today considered the most modern way of humidifying many industrial applications. Easy installation, reliable control, low energy costs and good availability of maintenance are features that also speak in favor of high-pressure humidification directly in the room in industry.
  • People management
    • Why employee suggestion systems die (46)
      For many years, employee suggestion systems, also known as Kaizen programs, have been operating in the industry . Their goal is to involve the employee in creating a culture of continuous improvement in companies, because an organization can improve its efficiency not only through investments consisting in automation, robotization or digitization of the process, but also through minor improvements.
    • Legal work for foreigners in Poland - support and simplification for Ukrainian citizens with success in production? (50)
      Currently in Poland we have very diverse regulations regarding the employment of foreigners. Different regulations apply to citizens of the European Union, and others to citizens of other countries - and citizens of six of these countries may be employed in the so-called simplified mode. In addition, from March 12 this year. Ukrainian citizens under a special act.
  • Events
    • Preview of the Professional Warehouse Workshop in CD x-kom, April 20, 2022, Częstochowa (54)
  • Special Supplement: Drives and Controls
    • Variable Frequency Drives and Cost Savings (61)
      Variable frequency drives play a key role in reducing energy consumption, extending motor life and optimizing motor speed. These electronic devices provide infinite speed control of three-phase induction motors, maximizing user comfort and reducing costs. These drives are most commonly used to control fans, pumps and compressors, accounting for 75% of all drive applications operating worldwide.
    • Motor Drives Maintenance (63)
      Trouble-free operation of the motor requires a series of maintenance procedures to keep it in good condition. It is also necessary to repair faults found during operation on an ongoing basis. It is difficult to clearly define the time that should pass between one maintenance and the next. It depends, inter alia, on the conditions in which the machine works.

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