• Subject of the issue: Automation and robotics
    • Automation - when does it pay off? (6)
      Automation is a process that is one of the foundations of the fourth industrial revolution. Due to this, and also due to social and geopolitical changes, it often becomes not only a recommended development trend, but also the best solution for many companies that want to maintain the liquidity of production. However, does it really pay off for every entrepreneur? Let's look at what makes automation cost-effective.
    • Automation as a path to optimization (10)
      This article describes the automation process on the example of a manufacturer of agricultural machinery. The increased production of this type of machine resulted in a greater demand for components, including pins. Deficiencies in their production resulted in downtime in the subsequent stages of machine production.
    • Train The Trainer - how to create an in-house team of experts for employee training in the field of warehouse automation? (12)
      Automation of processes, both in new and existing warehouses, allows increasing efficiency and increasing the chances of improving quality. The reorganization of warehouse processes and the use of modern technologies often create a challenge for the service and verify the skills of the staff. In order for a warehouse to work efficiently, employees must understand how the technology works and the process in which they are involved. It is the human being who operates and controls the machines to make them function properly.
    • Cobots - an automatic arm of modern production (15)
      The automation of production processes is currently one of the most important goals of Industry 4.0. thanks to it, it is possible to obtain greater efficiency of work as well as better quality of products. One of the tools that accomplish this goal are cobots - collaborative robots that can be entrusted with a wide variety of activities, especially those that require precision, speed and accuracy. In these respects, they far exceed the capabilities of the average worker, although in the end they do not replace him, but only facilitate his work.
  • Report
    • Safety of employees in production - report (19)
      More and more companies use systems for production management and control. Most factories are being reorganized and their structure is changing . Thanks to the development of automation, managers gain new tools to minimize risk. From the OHS point of view, the most important advantage of production automation is its significant impact on the state of work safety - the risk of accidents at work is reduced, which can be observed by looking at their statistics.
  • Prevention
    • Data from the machine park as a recipe for improving the company's profitability? (23)
      One of the most important elements of production and maintenance management is controlling processes on the basis of data received from the machine park. Their regular acquisition and skilful use allows you to create a complete picture of the production process and, as a result, to increase the efficiency of processes and machines.
    • Changing the organizational culture to a culture in which continuous improvement is thought - on the example of shortening changeover times using the SMED method (27)
      The company's competitiveness depends, inter alia, on whether it is able to flexibly adapt production to the customer's needs. In such cases, the number of changeovers increases significantly. The timing of their execution is a key element affecting productivity. The article provides information on the reduction of changeover time for machines for packing the finished product on the example of a fish processing plant.
  • Oils and greases
    • Modern multi-purpose oils of the STOU / UTTO type (31)
      On the lubricants market, a significant part covers the groups of multi-purpose oils used in agriculture and heavy construction equipment. They provide excellent operational properties while minimizing the oil mix.
  • Safety in production
    • Marking of explosion-proof devices (34)
      Explosion-proof safety comes from mining, hence it is obvious that the first Polish technical requirements related precisely to coal mining.
  • Industry 4.0
    • Industry 4.0 - collecting and analyzing data from the machine park (38)
      Data on the operation of machines are an important factor in increasing the efficiency of their work, and also support activities aimed at preventing their failure. They contribute to increasing the safety of human work and improving the quality of products. That is why it is so important to collect and analyze this data. In the past, it was done by hand, using special forms. And although this is still the case in some places, sensors that allow for automatic collection and analysis of data are increasingly coming to the rescue. This is the direction that Industry 4.0 is taking.
    • Employee or technology - what determines success in production? (41)
      What does it mean that a given enterprise is a manufacturing firm? Consumers on a daily basis move around the entities that sell in the B2C - business to customer model, i.e. companies to customers. It is only when someone comes up with an interesting and profitable business idea that includes the production of physical products that they ask themselves - how to produce them? What features must products have in order to break through the market and - perhaps more importantly - what sales strategy must a company adopt to be noticed by customers?
  • Case study
    • Lowering the maintenance costs of machines by implementing Total Productive Maintenance elements (43)
      The presented case concerns a company from the metalworking industry, employing approx. 800 employees, which aspiring to the position of a 1st-tier supplier for leaders in the automotive industry, undertook an analysis of the condition of its machinery park, supported by implementation of the OEE indicator.
    • Optimizing costs and increasing production efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry (47)
      The title of the article can be read as a honey to the heart of every technical manager. The vision of increasing productivity is tempting in every industry and for everyone.
  • People management
    • Employee appraisal in manufacturing companies - what are managers asking about? (51)
      The turn of the year in many companies is the time of formal employee appraisals. The author of the article shared with the readers her conclusions from the functioning of evaluation systems in manufacturing companies.
  • From the industry
    • Photo report from the 16th National Congress of PolMaintenance Maintenance Services (57)
  • Special supplement: Hydraulics and pneumatics
    • Vacuum technique in modern food industry - advanced solutions (66)
      The vacuum technique is widely used in the food industry. It can be found primarily in pick and place applications. Regardless of whether it is a packaging with mozzarella cheese, pralines covered with chocolate, a vacuum bag or cans with a drink - Pneumat has dedicated solutions for these applications.

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