Służby Utrzymania Ruchu (SUR) (Maintenance Service) 2020/02

  •  Diagnostics
    • Operating diagnostics of electric drives (6)
      An electric motor is a machine that converts electricity to mechanical energy. In the context of the power supply, the motors can be based on direct voltage. In this case, electric excitation motors, permanent magnet direct current motors, as well as shunt and serial electric motors are used.
  • Report - Industry 4.0
    • Industry 4.0 - revolution or evolution? (12)
      When reading about Industry 4.0, you can sometimes get the impression that you are talking about the future. Communicating devices, artificial intelligence, algorithms that learn and make sovereign decisions about how to control production. It all sounds like a song of the future, while elements of these issues surround us today.
  • Concepts
    • Predictive maintenance - what next? (18)
      Maintenance of machinery and equipment in operation is one of the most important areas in the production, processing and mining industry. The maintenance department ensures specific work stabilization. All of his activities strive to improve the OEE indicator - the overall equipment efficiency.
    • Digitization of maintenance - #freeyourhands idea in practice (24)
      Modern industry is losing qualified engineers operating production machines and product service processes. Why is this such a significant problem, since when we imagine the idea of the industry of the future - Industry 4.0 - we often think of factories in which robots took the place of engineers and technicians long ago?
  • Prevention
    • Analysis of working conditions in the first three quarters of 2019 (27)
    • Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC - practical guide (30)
      Working devices are a source of numerous hazards, sometimes neglected or underestimated, and sometimes even created as a result of wrongdoing. Safety requirements for machines have been regulated by the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, which was introduced into Polish law by the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of October 21, 2008 on the essential requirements for machines.
    • A clean production hall is essential (36)
      Cleanliness and tidiness in the production hall are not only the safety of processes and people. In the modern approach to management, order is a philosophy as well as an activity taking place as part of continuous improvement, deciding on the introduction of loss-free processes and waste.
    • Monitoring responds to the needs of modern enterprises (39)
    • What to look for when choosing a ventilation system with water cooling to protect against legionella? (42)
      In industrial ventilation systems with cooling, adiabatic refrigerant is water. Entrepreneurs often wonder whether to implement such systems in their production facilities, fearing legionella. These are bacteria that cause legionellosis - a lung disease that is similar to influenza in the early stages, but can lead to serious health problems and even death.
    • Dark humor UR, episode 12 (44)
      In various areas of production there is a strong belief in the great knowledge of machine manufacturers in the field of equipping their products with monitoring systems and technical condition protection. The situation is similar in the case of hydro sets (water turbine + generator = HTG) used in hydroelectric power plants.
  • Exploitation
    • Power hydraulics handbook. Part 5.2: Oil Direction Controls (52)
      As promised from the previous edition of the "Maintenance Service" in this part of the cycle "Vademecum hydraulics" we will deal with indirectly controlled hydraulic distributors.
  • Technologies
    • Measuring technologies in the assessment of the technical condition of machines and devices (56)
  • Object and media
    • Energy audit - not only an obligation, but also an opportunity to optimize costs (58)
      A thoroughly conducted energy audit of the enterprise makes it possible to identify the most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency for a given company. Moreover, for large companies it is an obligation that must be implemented every four years. It is also indispensable when implementing energy or environment management systems.
  • People management
    • How to shape the involvement of production employees? Part 2 (62)
      The subject of increasing employee activity has been very popular in recent years, and the phenomenon of involvement is considered to be one of the key management issues.
    • How to build long-term relationships with a production worker? (65)
      Every employer would like to have motivated, efficient employees achieving the company's goals. Unfortunately, it is not enough to hire the right "specialist" to enjoy a good employee. Even the highest qualifications will not translate into effects, if the employee comes to work discouraged to "drum" the day. the assumption that the mere fact of hiring an employee and paying him or her remuneration will permanently motivate the employee to work is incorrect.
  • Law
    • Admission to work of foreigners under outsourcing (68)
      Currently, it is not uncommon for people who are not employees to perform tasks on the company's premises. This is not about people employed on the basis of civil law contracts, but on the basis of outsourcing, i.e. employees gathered by an external employer and directed to perform the duties of his clients.
  • Relationship (70)
  • Special supplement - Drives and control (73)

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