Służby Utrzymania Ruchu (SUR) (Maintenance Service) 2019/03

  • Topic of the issue: Security and prevention
    • Artificial intelligence in maintenance services (6)
      Interview with Jacek Stec, Sales Director of Reliability Solutions
    • Ensuring production continuity due to the high availability of systems (10)
      What is high availability? Why is it worth investing in redundant solutions? Is this not just an unnecessary increase in costs? This article initiates a series of texts devoted to this issue. In the next issues of our bimonthly we will look at the next aspects of high availability.
    • Optimization of preventive maintenance and implementation of predictions (14)
      High failure rate and related costs are the reasons for the interest of industrial companies in preventive maintenance. Often, this interest is also caused by other initiatives, such as the requirements of insurers, clients or accidents and events dangerous to the technical condition of facilities. How does the preventive maintenance of industrial traffic look like today?
    • Security of production processes (18)
      The article is devoted to selected professional relay automation solutions that are used in production processes and safety circuits. Attention was paid to several fundamental issues both from the point of view of maintaining the continuity and security of the process, as well as avoiding possible defects. The selection of components at the stage of design and implementation of technological lines is one of the key activities in the whole process. Properly selected components will help maintain high efficiency, safety and efficiency of constructed machines or devices.
    • Effective supervision - what is it? (20)
      Effective supervision, or what? The concept of supervision according to the "Dictionary of Polish language" means "controlling or guarding someone or something". You can ask yourself whether an adult employee in our case needs an employee to look after and control? Statistics show that yes. Up to 80% of accidents at work occur due to inattention of the employee or inability to work on the job. And it must be remembered that caring for a high level of employee safety is the responsibility of every manager in the workplace.
  • Report - Machine cleaning technologies
    • Washing and disinfection of machines in the food industry (26)
      Maintaining cleanliness in the food industry is crucial both from the point of view of meeting the requirements of technical standards and the law. In addition, the rooms and production facilities must be clean in order to maintain maximum production at the highest level of quality and to eliminate the risk of sudden accidents.
    • Steam cleaning - industrial use (32)
      Large surfaces, such as production halls, require diligent cleaning. The pace of work and the preservation of the appropriate standard count. No less important that the costs of these works are as low as possible. The best solution is therefore cleaning devices that automate the cleaning process.
  • Concepts
    • Vademecum of power hydraulics. Part 2: Hydraulic pumps (38)
      In the second text of the "Vademecum" cycle, we will deal with the power source of each hydraulic system, i.e. pumps. The pump is a device that allows the processing of various types of energy in the form of a torque on the energy of a stream of oil under pressure. At the moment, the pumps are usually driven by electric or diesel engines. Of course, you can imagine the drive, for example, a water turbine or even a fan. In fact, it is about applying a torque to the pump shaft from any source.
    • Cooperating robots - what is worth knowing about them? (44)
      Cooperating robots are industrial robots. Their essence is the ability to work in the presence of man, but without the need to install security in the form of a fence. the use of cooperating robots primarily involves the operation of CNC machines for the implementation of various stages of the production cycle. This is, for example, about charging and unloading parts or supporting finishing operations.
  • Exploitation
    • Take care of safety in your spare parts warehouse (60)
      The management of spare parts in a warehouse usually focuses on efficiency and time. In order to find the best method of inventory control and their preparation for shipment, it is worth reaching for equipment solutions that will help to optimize these processes.
  • Prevention
    • Black humor UR, episode 9 (52)
      Fan cooling towers are devices for cooling circulating water for technological installations as well as industrial and air-conditioning installations. They are classified as BOP class assets. Due to their less complicated components and construction, they are often looked at as secondary machines of less importance.
  • Object and media
    • Optimization of compressed air costs in the enterprise (64)
      Calculated for work, the cost of compressed air is five times higher than the cost of electricity. The costs of each activity play a big role in everyday life. To change the Polish industry, entrepreneurs must receive a suitable impulse. As you know, energy and economic policy in macro- and micro-fields is created by means of various incentives. Among them, two can be distinguished - the policy of rewarding and the policy of punishing / forcing. One can argue which of these tools is better or more effective or has fewer disadvantages.
    • How to plan and run a warehouse to maintain production, not "breaking the bank"? (68)
      Storage is one of the most difficult tasks of today's world. Once, having lots of space, we did not think about how much the warehouse costs. In the twentieth century, especially in the 21st century, when space is shrinking, storing things has become a real challenge. In particular, the area of maintenance services is a specific place where storage matters.
  • Production Academy
    • Agile and Lean - giants of the perfect process (72)
      Management methods from various industries penetrate more and more. This is due to from the increasing availability of knowledge, mainly due to the popularization of the Internet and the resulting marketing activities of companies. The existence of web browsers means that one of the most important ways of reaching the customer is just presence on the "first page of Google", that is, being high in the search results for a given password.
  • People management
    • Motivation and efficiency of actions (76)
      Motivation and motivation are the focus of most companies. Very often, HR managers and departments undertake various activities aimed at increasing the motivation of employees. There is a belief that a motivated employee will work better and more efficiently.
  • Relation
    • Space travels. Report from the 14th Congress of PolMaintenance (78)
    • Report from Automaticon 2019 (82)
    • From the industry
    • New on the market (83)

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