Służby Utrzymania Ruchu (Maintenance Service) 2019/01

  • Topic of the issue: Automation and robotics
    • Robotic welding systems in automated welding processes (6)
      Robotics is currently a fashionable and controversial topic at the same time. Fashionable, because industrial robots are a symbol of modernity in industry. Devices such as controllers, feeders or operator panels are not present in the general public awareness. In the meantime, almost everyone knows what an industrial robot is and what it is used for. On the other hand, it is a controversial topic, because the popular myth says that people are losing their jobs through robots. This opinion is, as it usually happens with myths, untrue - which is particularly evident in welding.
    • Vademecum of power hydraulics in automation systems. Part 1: Introduction (18)
      Last year, texts on various topics in the field of power hydraulics, pneumatics and automation were published in the magazine "Służba Utrzymania Ruchu". However, they were mainly focused on theoretical considerations. Issues raised in them were of a rather general nature. This of course allowed to discuss a wide range of problems occurring in the machine service, but did not provide strictly technical information that would assist in the daily work of the service technician. For some time the author had the idea of writing something that would provide a technician, especially at the beginning of the career path, a compendium of knowledge in which you can find messages given in an accessible way, without excess theories and wise words.
    • Usability of automation systems (22)
      All considerations on the technologies and solutions used in the industry usually focus on technical aspects. Regardless of whether we are talking about control systems, industrial robots or information systems, we usually focus on functions and capabilities, efficiency, benefits and safety. In other words, we are interested in a given solution that can do and what effects it brings. Whether it is easy to use, we are much less interested. Meanwhile, this is an aspect worth paying more attention to, especially from the point of view of maintenance services.
    • Robotic welding of stainless steel - MIG vs TIG (26)
      Traditionally, the calling slogan for stainless steel welding was TIG. However, in the face of a growing number of applications of stainless steel in industry, a limited number of qualified employees and shorter delivery times, many entrepreneurs are starting to look for more efficient and flexible solutions that would optimize production while maintaining the quality of final products.
  • Report
    • The European concept of machine safety shaping (30)
      Regardless of whether the machine is new or old, the regulations define the way and methods to ensure an adequate level of safety. In the case of new machines, this method is clearly defined in the directives. However, in the case of old machines, where we have minimum requirements, only the method of achieving an acceptable level of machine safety changes.
    • Statistical analysis of accidents at work in the first three quarters of 2018 (34)
      Accidents at work were, are and will be. As long as man is an integral part of the work process, accidents can not be avoided, but their number and / or severity can be reduced.
    • Risk at the workplace - why do we take them? (38)
      "How could this be done at all?" "Does this employee not know the basic rules of health and safety?" You have often asked yourself similar questions, finding out about another accident at work. There are many reasons, however, and, interestingly, all of them also apply to you.
  • Concept
    • Management systems in maintenance: key stages of implementation by the practitioner (42)
      Management systems for a good several or a dozen years are created in various areas of our "production" reality. The quality management system (ISO 9001), energy management system (ISO 50001), environmental protection management system (ISO 14001) or occupational safety and health management system (ISO 18001) are areas in which relevant standards and certificates have already been established. While working in the department of maintenance services, one would also like to have guidelines for proper management of this area, and even to obtain appropriate certificates.
  • Prevention
    • Application of thermal imaging cameras in industrial plants (46)
      Thermovision, also called thermography, is the process of imaging in the mid-infrared band. As a result, thermal radiation emitted by the physical body can be recorded in the range of temperatures encountered in everyday conditions without additional lighting. Simplifying, thermovision is a type of camera that works in infrared.
    • Optimization of effective thermovision measurements in a production plant (50)
      Thermal imaging technology has become a common tool in maintaining movement. Using thermovision, we evaluate the condition of rotor machines, tightness of valves, heat exchangers, quality of electrical machines, contacts and transformers, we detect incomplete discharges. Active thermography allows detecting mechanical damage of technical objects, such as tanks or constructions.
  • Exploitation
    • Spare parts warehouse management with practice (54)
      One of the key aspects of good, efficient operation of maintenance services is the spare parts warehouse. Creating it, preparing the right information about the minimum levels, optimal states, costs related to it and proper service are the most important tasks of the management and people involved in maintenance, but also the entire management of the plant. Thinking about the maintenance department in the context of industry 4.0, and even thinking about industry 3.0, speaking about preventive and predictive maintenance, one should look at SUR as one of the key support departments in the production company. Considering the complexity of work and management of the spare parts warehouse, this issue should be divided into prime factors.
    • Lubrication under control. How to test and diagnose industrial oils? (58)
      Industrial oils, in addition to their obvious functions, such as lubrication, cooling and pressure transfer, play one more, very important role. Their diagnosis allows not only to check the condition of the liquid itself, but also gives information about the condition and possible defects of the device in which it works. Regular control allows you to reduce expenses related to both the replacement of lubricants and the repair of equipment. That is why it is so important to regularly check individual parameters of industrial oils.
  • Production Academy
    • Automation of technical supply. Technological support in technical warehouse management (62)
      Considering the current market situation, managers are increasingly starting to ask themselves about the importance of the maintenance supply chain and technical warehouse in the organization's operations. Does this area affect its performance, and if so, which one? Therefore, let us analyze the period of storage of parts and consumables in the warehouse, as well as the related frozen capital. Looking, on the other hand, let us interpret the downtime of production machines due to the lack of replacement parts in the event of a breakdown and the resulting losses incurred by the companies.
  • People management
    • A contract of employment or a B2B contract? Choosing a good professional road automation (66)
      A real battle is taking place on the employment market. Two fronts: a contract of employment versus running a company. Depending on the circumstances and priorities, representatives of industrial automation decide on one or the other option. None of the parties lack supporters.
    • Employee motivation - part 1 (70)
      During the trainings conducted by our company, as well as in the course of making changes with our clients, we often hear statements of the heads indicating that one of the most important difficulties they face is the decrease in motivation in the teams they manage, visible in keeping co-workers (less involvement, complaining, etc.). participants of our trainings ask us how they could take care of the motivation of subordinates, what activities would be worth implementing (at the management level, but also organizational solutions) that would contribute to the increase of motivation.
  • From the industry
    • New on the market (76)
    • Technological innovation as a way to sustainable development. Interview with Victor Cheng, Vice President of Delta Electronics Inc. (78)
  • Events (80)

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