Serwis Prawno-Pracowniczy (Legal and Work Service) 2021/15

  • The subject of the month
    • Extending support for entrepreneurs - further changes to the anti-crisis shield (11)
      The amendment to the COVID-19 Act grants anti-crisis support to entrepreneurs operating points of sale in educational units. It also allows for exemption from the obligation to pay ZUS contributions for tour leaders and tourist guides providing services to museums.
  • Labor law
    • Granting outstanding annual leave under the COVID-19 Act (15)
      During an epidemic or epidemic emergency, the employer may refer the employee to overdue annual leave. A leave can be granted by any employer - regardless of the organizational and legal form and economic condition. The overdue annual leave should be granted to the employee by 30 September of the following calendar year at the latest.
  • Salaries
    • Co-financing the costs of educating employees from KFS - what are the rights of the employer-donor (23)
      An employer who wants to raise the qualifications of employees and at the same time increase the company's competitiveness on the market, but is not allowed to do so by the financial situation, may apply for co-financing of lifelong learning, both for employees and own, from the National Training Fund (KFS). Co-financing is made on the basis of an agreement with the starost.

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