Serwis Prawno-Pracowniczy (Legal and Work Service) 2021/13

  • News
    • Review of legal changes (4)
    • Calendar of important dates (6)
    • Indicators and rates (7)
  • The subject of the month
    • Co-financing of employee holidays - rules of granting and settling accounts (11)
      An employer conducting social activity may subsidize summer holidays for employees and their families. The obligation to pay contributions and tax depends on the type of such payment and the source of its financing. The vacation benefit is exempt from ZUS contributions, but it must be subject to an advance income tax payment.
  • Labor law
    • Justifying employee absences due to vaccinations (14)
      Vaccinations against COVID-19 are not compulsory vaccinations. For this reason, the employer is not obliged to grant the employee a vaccination leave. The employer may consider the absence due to vaccination to be excused. The employee is then not entitled to remuneration.
    • Is smoking breaks deductible for an employee (17)
    • Is it possible to withdraw the termination of the employment contract by the previous employer after taking over the workplace? (19)
    • Does the commune administrator have to hire the candidate with the best result for a clerical position (21)
  • Salaries
    • Employee remuneration in the event of a temporary transfer to another job (22)
      The employer may temporarily entrust an employee with work other than that provided for in the employment contract. This is possible in the event of a temporary transfer of an employee to another job and downtime. For these periods, the employee is entitled to remuneration - not lower than the current remuneration in the event of transfer to another job or not lower than the remuneration due for downtime in the event of performing other work at that time.
  • They ask the staff about it
    • How to count the termination of an employment contract in working days (40)
    • How to calculate vacation leave entitling an employee to vacation benefit (40)
    • Should the employment certificate include the shortening of the notice period (40)
  • Safe work
    • Employer Responsibilities Related to High Temperatures at Work (41)
  • Employment of the disabled
    • How to calculate proportional leave for a disabled employee (44)
  • Social activities
    • Should housing loans be granted only for apartments or houses owned by employees (45)
  • Cheat sheet for staff
    • Graduate apprenticeship - conditions of carrying out (48)
    • Employment of young workers (49)

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