• Subject of the issue: Firefighters from four corners of the world
    • Four elements firefighters (12)
      Removing damage after a typhoon, rescuing people from buildings that overturned completely or settled as a result of an earthquake, bamboo forest fires in the mountains above 1,500 m above sea level are complete exoticism for us. For firefighters in Taiwan - a normal working day.
    • Brazil: weapons and uniforms (16)
      The equivalent of the PSP in Brazil is Corpo de Bombeiros Militar. There is a military unit responsible, among other things, for fighting fires. He is under the control of the Brazilian army, so firefighters have military ranks and are armed - they are part of the military police, which has, among other things, handguns, shotguns and machine guns.
    • Bomberos de Chile (19)
      Under the slogan "Perseverance and Discipline" one of Chile's most respected institutions was born - the fire brigade. Interestingly, it relies solely on the action of volunteers.
    • The challenges and mysteries of the Peninsula (22)
      The activities of the South Korean fire brigade have been criticized more than once. This is the aftermath of problems such as legislative chaos, insufficient number of fire stations and insufficient equipment. However, firefighters have recently undergone some changes. However, a mystery is shrouded in - like many other areas of operation - fire protection at their northern neighbor on the Korean Peninsula.
    • Visiting Rancho Cucamonga (33)
    • 998 in Saudi Arabia (36)
  • From the archive of the XXX anniversary of the PSP
    • Earthquake in the fire department (2)
    • Memories of St. Brig. Urszula Fietz-Strychalska (4)
    • Memories of Brigadier Andrzej Walczak (5)
    • IT grassroots work (6)
    • A capital city on the verge of change (7)
    • Delicate treasures (8)
    • Identifying threats #na STRAŻyciepła (42)
      Firemen of the Volunteer Fire Department in Józefów, supporting the transport of dependent people to vaccination points, had the opportunity to see for themselves what a difficult living situation, especially in the face of harsh winter, some of them found themselves in. Volunteers decided to help those in need by providing them with solid fuel in the form of seasoned firewood. This initiative has been enriched, among others by CNBOP-PIB, which provided smoke detectors for people supported by the TSO.
  • Organization
    • The Three Pillars of Governance (Part 2) (44)
      Continuing the theme from the previous issue, let's look at another important aspect - trust. Is there really a place for them in the uniformed service?
    • Health
    • On cancer in the fire brigade (part 2) (46)
      In the previous issue, the circumstances of the international conference "Cancer in the fire brigade" were described, some of the speeches were also summarized. In this part, the reader will learn the content of the other lectures and a handful of reflections.
  • History and traditions
    • The highlights and shadows of a firefighter's helmet (part 3) (50)
      The educational environment shaping a young person includes, among others, social organizations in which he operates, and thus also fire brigades. So what was the shaping of the attitudes of firefighters in this environment like until World War II?
  • Test your knowledge
    • Multi-lingual fireman's crossword 5/2021 (55)
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