• Subject of the issue: The female face of the guard
    • Heels in the fire brigade (10)
      Behind the uniform miss ... But wait - it's not like that! For most people, a firefighter is a strictly male profession. Strength is needed here, sweat is pouring, the psyche must be as hard as steel. And yet the fire department attracts women, and those who prefer to wear uniforms.
    • Diversity is development (14)
      On the cooperation of women and men in teams with a predominance of one gender, enriching the functioning of the group, the value of looking at colleagues through the prism of individual features, not gender stereotypes - an interview with Aleksandra Cisłak -Wójcik.
    • About us without us (16)
      The fearless helped, spreading knowledge about fire protection, saving people with dedication. They did not always hear "thank you", nor could they always count on respect. What was the path of women to the fire brigade?
    • Juliet Crew - the pearl of Africa (18)
  • Rescue
    • Drama in a styrodur factory (22)
    • Secrets of the power of fire (24)
      Why is the rate of heat release in fact the most important variable characterizing the degree of flammability of products and the resulting fire hazard? Although toxic gases are responsible for the most deaths in fires, fire research scientists identified the power of the fire as the best indicator of fire hazard.
  • Training
    • Firefighter in the face of violence (28)
      Media reports about cases of attacks on emergency medical teams have become a sad everyday reality in Poland. Firemen are not affected by similar situations. How can I fix it?
    • Education with class (30)
      In secondary schools, classes with uniform or rescue profiles are becoming more and more popular. Do they really give the opportunity for the development of young people who associate their future with the uniformed services? In this article, the author shared his experiences.
    • Training in the Time of the Plague (32)
      Scourge or Tool of the Future? Remote learning has arrived at thatched roofs, i.e. primary schools . Experts talk about their first experiences with this form of teaching.
  • In the garage
    • Fire trucks for the Volunteer Fire Service (34)
      In 2020, volunteer firefighters purchased a total of 710 new fire trucks (including all funding sources), thus maintaining the high level of deliveries from previous years.
  • Law in service
    • Tax on benefits (37)
      Pensioners of the State Fire Service and their family members are entitled to social benefits. Who will benefit from tax exemptions?
  • Movie fires
    • Kurara (2017) (40)
  • A world of disasters
    • A blow to the "heart of Okinawa" (42)
  • Abroad
    • Kvikkleire - Norwegian nightmare (44)
    • Fire fighter solidarity (47)
  • History and traditions
    • Errare humanum est (part 1) (48)
  • They left our ranks
    • Memory (50)
  • Test your knowledge
    • Crossword (54)
  • Permanent columns

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