• In the heat of questions
    • Vaccinate? Yes! (6)
      In a time of progressing pandemic, when everyone - employees, children and entrepreneurs - wants to return to normal as soon as possible, it is time to make an important decision. To be for or against? We will try to dispel doubts thanks to an interview with Ms Justyna Kowalska from the Department of Infectious Diseases for Adults at the Medical University of Warsaw.
  • Subject of the issue: Clean air - our common cause
    • The threat is in the air (14)
      Smog, i.e. a mixture of air, smoke and exhaust gases, rises to the rank of one of the most serious enemies of human health , imperceptibly taking the lives of millions of people around the world every year. How air pollutants poison our organisms, where they come from and how to deal with them - an interview with Piotr Dąbrowiecki.
    • As the world struggles with smog (16)
      17 December 2020 year. The Court of Justice of the EU ruled that the Volkswagen erred in law by installing the 11 million cars a device that was supposed to prolong the life of the engine and under the "side effect" significantly reduced the measurement of the concentration of nitrogen oxides during the tests.
    • Anti-smog drug for municipalities (19)
      The problem seen from a distance always seems smaller than when it is right in front of our nose. Especially when it comes to the problem we breathe every day. According to the latest European Environment Agency report on air quality, inhaled pollutants cause over 400,000 premature deaths a year in Europe.
    • Fire engine ecology (22)
      Caring for the natural environment is a hot topic today. Waste segregation, the use of photovoltaic screens or building insulation are just one of the few activities that firefighters are increasingly willing to implement in their units.
    • Smoke here and there (24)
    • The blue fuel of the future (26)
      Alternative fuels have been a topic that has been raised in the media for years. Bioethanol oil, canola oil, or water- Rydzyk year already immediately, immediately had to solve crises related to fuel oil fumes and contamination of the environment or leaks from oil tankers. Currently, blue or - if you prefer - blue ammonia is entering the stage.
  • A world of disasters
    • Titanic of the skies (29)
  • At the fire station
    • 200 years of tradition (32)
      The Volunteer Fire Department in Nakło nad Notecią is one of the oldest Volunteer Fire Brigades in Poland. In 2020, it celebrated its 200th anniversary. The local volunteers not only deal with fires on a daily basis, but also take an active part in many aid actions and events.
  • Movie fires
    • Gone with the Wind (1939) (34)
  • Abroad
    • Bombeiros de Portugal (part 2) (37)
      Continuing the topic, we are going to visit sunny Portugal again. This time, apart from the local fire department, we will also learn about the causes of violent and destructive fires that destroy Portuguese forests almost every year.
  • In the garage
    • A different look (42)
  • Overtime
    • Braveheart (48)
  • They left our ranks
    • Memory (50)
  • History and traditions
    • Brightness and shadows of a firefighter's helmet (part 1) (52)
      What were the departures of firefighters for action, their preparation for rescue and firefighting actions, in the more or less distant past? What about protection measures for rescuers? We'll look at this in the second part of the cycle.
  • Test your knowledge
    • Crossword (55)
  • Permanent columns

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