• Prophylaxis aimed at reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease (1)
    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the main cause of death in Poland, and prevention of it is very important in shaping the health of Poles. To effectively reduce the risk of these diseases, you need to take into account different aspects of the lifestyle of exposed people - physical activity, diet, addictions or the burden of professional factors.
  • Social aspects of occupational health protection (15)
    There is no doubt that occupational health protection is in the interest of the whole society. This is due to the fact that it concerns both an employee (having his rights), an employer (having his or her duties), and the state itself (a legal guarantor of employees' rights and basic civil rights).
  • Accidents during a business trip in the light of judicial decisions (38)
    The purpose of a business trip is to carry out a work task from an employer recommended by the employer outside of a permanent place of work and residence. During a business trip outside of a permanent place of work and residence. During the business trip, the employee's behavior in full should be aimed at performing this task. Therefore, the employee during the business trip is covered by almost full insurance coverage due to an accident. This protection outside the sphere of business matters related to the performance of a service task by an employee recommended by the employer extends also to the sphere of private affairs of an employee carried out by him during a business trip in connection with the performance of the task entrusted to him.