Praca Socjalna (Social Work) 2019/04

  • Social welfare in the Second Polish Republic - an introduction to the source texts (7)
    The article presents selected aspects of the functioning of social welfare in Poland in the interwar period. The first part indicates the key legal acts for the social care system created from scratch, i.e. the Social Welfare Act of 1923, as well as legal acts regulating the work of social carers, as well as those separating the care competences of individual levels of state administration. The second part presents fragments of theoretical works of key importance for the development of the social discourse in the Second Polish Republic. In turn, the third part indicates practical aspects of the system's functioning. The authors tried to show both systemic problems that did not allow for fully effective functioning of social care, as well as the importance of the solutions introduced, which for the first time in the history of Poland guaranteed citizens access to basic social benefits from the state.

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