Praca Socjalna (Social Work) 2018/05

  • Information for readers
    • Social Worker Library (5)
    • Social welfare and social work in the era of dynamic social change (7)
  • On the seventieth anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights
    • UN Commission of the International Federation of Social Workers - Declaration on the Day of Human Rights (9)
    • Universal Declaration of Human Rights (11)
  • On the ninetieth anniversary of the First International Social Work Conference
    • Learning from the First International Social Work Conference (19)
      The article discusses the 1st International Social Work Conference, which was held in Paris in 1928. In addition to delineating the historical outline of the event, Author analyzes five issues raised during the conference. The article also contains a brief analysis of contemporary international efforts in the area of social work.
  • Social work abroad
    • Lifelong learning active participation. Pedagogical change in work and social policy (45)
      The article is inspired by a project funded by the European Union, focusing on intergenerational mentoring: "HEAR ME", which was carried out in 2009-2011 in five European countries. The authors point to active participation and lifelong learning as part of the response to demographic challenges and propose a solution that can be called a pedagogical change in work and social policy.
  • Ethics of social work
    • Ethics of social work. Policy stand (69)
    • Code of Ethics of the Polish Society of Social Workers (75)
    • Code of Ethics for Social Workers and Social Workers of the Polish Federation of Social Workers and Social Services (80)
    • Code of ethics of a social worker. Between morality and institution (84)
      The article concerns the analysis of contemporary ethical codes in social work from two perspectives. The first is his axiological justification and embedding the code in a specific concept of general ethics. In the second, pragmatic, the code appears as a set of moral principles that represent the fundamental values for this profession.
  • Between theory and practice
    • Influence of barriers and limited resources of the local environment on seniors' lifestyle in small towns and their marginalization and social exclusion - case study (97)
      The subject of the article is the analysis of the situation of older people functioning in their local environment, on the example of ┼╗abia Wola.
    • Directive and non-directive of professional activities of social workers - research report (123)
      The article presents only a fragment of extensive research, carried out among social workers, working in social assistance centers in the following provinces: Pomeranian, Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Warmian-Masurian.
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