Praca Socjalna (Social Work) 2018/04

  • What squeaks in the grass ... with neighbors. Overview of the issue of "Social Policy" year 2018 (5)
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  • Social Worker Library (9)
  • Social welfare and social work in the era of dynamic social change (11)
  • Social work in the world
    • International Federation of Social Workers, the role of social work in social security systems: the universal right to social security (15)
      In this document, the term 'social services' is used in a broad sense, encompassing many social professions that are distinguished in some countries as: social assistants, community organizers, youth educators, social workers, social educators, social workers, street workers, or -masters, etc., and in others are included in the concept of social work.
    • International Federation of Social Workers, Position on Global Ethical Principles of Social Work (31)
    • Horizons of social work in the 21st century - from debates at the world conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development - Dublin 2018 (37)
      The article presents selected social problems and tasks in which social workers in the world engage. Their roles are not limited to granting benefits - activities most often attributed to social workers in Poland. They consist in educating, overcoming taboos, initiating activities aimed at improving the functioning of individuals, groups and communities, as well as building and integrating them. The text was based on a review of selected speeches and posters shown during the World Social Work, Education and Social Development conference organized in Dublin in July this year.
    • Protecting young people against unemployment in the context of critical social work (57)
      The article is devoted to selected issues of youth unemployment, characteristic features of protection of young unemployed people and external factors that allow young people to protect against unemployment. Unemployment among young people is a complex problem and should be considered in different contexts, which is why social workers should know the wider social connections of the problem. Despite this, one can not ignore the significance of changes in the individual characteristics of young unemployed people and youth at risk of unemployment and youth at risk of unemployment. In order to achieve a measurable result, i.e. to reduce youth unemployment, as well as to protect young people from unemployment, it is necessary to consistently act all those involved in the fight against this problem.
  • Between theory and practice
    • Social work in the context of supporting a child and family during divorce of parents (69)
      The aim of the article is to review the literature and current normative acts, related to the divorce situation of parents with a special illumination of children and to prompt the reader to reflect on the role of social workers and family assistants in the process of supporting these families. The article is theoretical and constitutes a starting point for undertaking further research explorations in the discussed subject.
    • Family policy and social and educational work as activities for single-parent families (88)
      The article presents the characteristics of incomplete families and selected forms of their support. To this end, the law and the literature of the subject were analyzed. It shows what the social-educational work with the incomplete family is and how to apply the principle of individualization in working with her, so that she can choose the appropriate for a given family from the basket of available services.
  • For discussion
    • Free time as a social work area (109)
      The article is devoted to the issues of free time as a sphere of social work. The starting point of the considerations was an attempt to determine the concept under consideration. The main aspects of free time and the features of free time activity were indicated. Then - referring to the classification of selected authors - the basic functions of free time were characterized taking into account the perspective of social pedagogy (rest, play, working on oneself). Next, the essence of social work was defined and its essential functions were listed. Finally, attention was paid to free time as an important social participation indicator and one of the key areas of social work. the concept of Pierre Bourdieu's capital was appealed for this purpose. In the final part of the study, the educational dimension of social work in the context of leisure time was pointed out.
  • Good practices
    • Entrepreneurship of women with physical disabilities (exempla - barriers - challenges) (127)
      The main goal of the article is to answer the question: what barriers and challenges are faced by women with physical disabilities running their own businesses, and what good practices can be an example for other women with disabilities. briefly presented the situation of women in Poland due to their participation in professional life. the terms entrepreneurship and disability important in the analysis were also explained. The article analyzes and attempts to systematize barriers that may hinder the start and effective implementation of entrepreneurial tasks by women with disabilities. Finally, based on the case study method, examples of entrepreneurial women with disabilities have been presented, which have been successful and can be a model and inspiration for other women struggling with similar problems. In conclusion, the conclusions were presented and the topic was proposed to deepen the topic both in the research and institutional area, as this topic is little known in Polish. Both research and studies are missing.
  • Closer to the law
    • Assistance for a dysfunctional family in out-of-court proceedings and the related initiation of proceedings (145)
      The article deals with the issue of assistance provided to the family by public institutions, in particular focusing on its failure in terms of further effect, which is the initiation of court proceedings. The article emphasizes that in order for the help offered to be effective, families must get involved in it. The failures of the family support services within the scope of the assistance offered usually result from the lack of willingness of the family member to cooperate with these institutions.
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