Praca Socjalna (Social Work) 2018/01


  • At the service of children's rights - Irena Sendler's Heritage (7)
  • Resolution of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland of June 8, 2017 regarding the establishment of 2018 The year of Irena Sendlerowa (7)
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child (9)
  • Marek Michalak, "... the most important thing in the world and in life is Good" (23)
  • Help, care and rescue of children in Poland during the war and occupation (1939-1945). Sketch issues (27)
    The article attempts to sketch the image of help, care and rescue of children in Poland during the war and occupation of 1939-1945. This objective focuses on such four main thematic areas as: individual trauma, Poland's population losses, threat situation, social solidarity and child-assistance actions. The main areas of war threats and crimes on children have been shown, as well as the scope and forms of helping children, including institutional and personal assistance. In addition to information and ordering and interpretation purposes, this text signals the need for pedagogical and historical research on the history of childhood, seen through the prism of World War II and the occupation of 1939-1945.
  • Irena Sendlerowa - the ethos of social service (43)
    Irena Sendler is one of the most prominent figures of Polish social work. She deserved this name by saving Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto. This undoubtedly heroic action in the extreme situation is a reflection of social and professional formation, which Sendlerowa won among the fosterlings of the Social and Educational Work Study of the Free Polish University. It was a unique education and socio-professional practice combining professional competence with a social attitude - professionalism with the ethos of social service.
  • Psychology of hope in the social activity of Irena Sendlerowa (1910-2008) (57)
    Hope is an essential component of human life. It is difficult to build everyday life without hope for a better tomorrow. This article presents the psychology of hope in the social activity of Irena Sendlerowa, who together with others during the Second World War saved about 2,500 Jewish children consists of an introduction, two points in which basic issues were discussed.
  • International Federation of Social Workers in tribute to Irena Sendlerowa (67)
    The introduction to the subject is a short outline of the history of the Federation's creation, its efforts to create a global definition and principles of ethics in social work and strive to create a global framework for this work in defense of children's rights.
  • Heritage of Irena Sendler in contemporary good practices at the service of children's rights (81)
  • Irena Sendlerowa towards the post-war problems of social welfare
  • We hit the alarm (89)
  • For social welfare propaganda (99)
  • People from the Irena Sendler generation

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