Praca Socjalna (Social work) 2017/04

  • In the year of Irena Sendlerowa (5)
  • Irena Sendlerowa - 1910-2008 (7)
  • Social assistance abroad
    • Understanding the Scandinavian organization of social work in the public sector (11)
      The article discusses the determinants of professional social work in public organizations primarily from the perspective of the Nordic countries. In our proposal, the public arena of social work consists of three areas with different functions and logics, but at the same time connected and interdependent. These fields are: politics, management and administration as well as professional practice. The mentioned domains together with their logics form individual local organizations, which in turn are conditioned by the fourth area, namely the field of institutional conditions. It contains ideals regarding control, standards and views on knowledge and technologies that exist in society, are legitimized and disseminated by central institutions and which govern important aspects of the work of individual local organizations. The purpose of the presented work is to contribute to the development of domain theory in the field of social work organization in the public sector.
  • Between theory and practice
    • About the Triad determinants of the safety of social service employees: personal determinants (35)
      The safety of social workers is conditioned by appropriate determinants. The basic ones include systemic determinants, personal determinants and environmental determinants. In the group of personal determinants, four basic factors determining the safety of employees of social services are distinguished. These are in particular: positive selection for the profession, personality predispositions, substantive preparation and professional morale. This catalog is open and can be supplemented during the discourse dedicated to the safety issues of employees of this profession.
    • Organizational culture of social assistance institutions and its importance in creating a culture of support in the local environment (46)
      As it results from the available research, the preparation of social workers for cooperation with self-government authorities and social policy entities on a micro scale is definitely low. The established picture of the functioning of social services has become a contribution to the search for intra-organizational factors that can shape the quality of aid provided and contribute to the creation of a culture of support in the local environment. The purpose of the fragmentary analysis was to describe the relationship between the type of organizational culture of social assistance institutions and the ways in which social workers deal with the implementation of professional tasks.
    • Socio-cultural impact on making decisions about senior care (58)
      Decisions regarding the care of seniors are largely conditioned by socio-cultural factors. The article describes the correlation between collectivism and individualism and taking care of seniors on the example of selected states. The second part of the article is an analysis of cultural and social conditions affecting the opinions of Poles on the subject of institutional care and family responsibilities towards the senior. The third part presents new trends and social changes that will influence decisions regarding care for the elderly. There are clear differences between countries with a collectivist culture (where care is required from the family) and countries that value individualism (in which care institutions are more important). Social pressure on taking personal care of old family members is still widespread in Poland, but the demographic situation and migrations will force a change in this approach and a greater share of non-family care.
  • Research
    • Social work with older women and men - similarities and differences (71)
      The article was based on qualitative research (structured in-depth interview) conducted in 2011 among employees of social assistance institutions (social workers and psychologists) in the Podlasie voivodship. The study covered all social assistance centers operating in the voivodship. 145 interviews were conducted, including 133 with social workers and 12 with psychologists.
    • Local partnerships for stronger communities. An example of volunteering in Janów Lubelski (87)
      The partnership model is part of current trends not only in Poland, but also in the world. At the same time, the role of regions and local communities in implementing the structural policy of the European Union is increasing. In Poland, local partnership activities are implemented with varying intensity. Janów Lubelski is an example of effectively established partnerships for socially excluded people. An interesting example is the partnership for volunteering, thanks to which various actions develop, especially those aimed at helping another human being. One of the voluntary activities is the Family Picnic "Mama, Dad and I", which gathers institutions and non-governmental organizations around the organization, which recognize the problems of the local community.
  • For discussion
    • Sexual orientation and social work - cooperation between social workers and homosexual people (101)
      The article concerns the specifics of social work with clients about homosexual orientation. Introduction to the problems are the concepts of social work as an activity of emancipation character. The article presents selected elements of the specificity of the social position of homosexual people, which a social worker should know and, if necessary, take into account in his work. There are also directives on the practices of cooperation between social workers and gays and lesbians.
    • Unethical behavior at work on the example of mobbing (114)
      The article presents the important issue of building ethical behavior in the workplace. Mobbing is a reprehensible behavior in the relations between colleagues, employee and supervisor and in relations with clients. Its occurrence is highly unacceptable, it destroys the psyche, health and relations between employees. It demonstrates primarily the lack of personal culture and lack of organizational quality. Mobbing is a phenomenon that definitely needs to be fought.
  • From history
    • Church charitable activity in 1944-1947. Outline of the problems (135)
      After the end of hostilities, the church was one of the main organizations working for the benefit of people in need. The basic church institution organizing and coordinating activities for the benefit of those in need was the accompaniment of Caritas, and his tasks were mainly related to immediate help, including feeding the population, taking care of mothers with children, displaced people, homeless people. Caritas, as well as religious congregations, also organized childcare in many full and partial care facilities. The activity was conducted despite the restrictions imposed by the communist ideology, which excluded the existence of entities other than those subordinated to the state.
    • Issues related to the functioning of the social system of the Second Polish Republic in the publications of the journal "Social Welfare" (1936-1939) (149)
      The article discusses the problems of the social system of the Second Republic, contained in the publications of the pre-war magazine "Social Welfare". In the introduction, the journal "Social Carer" was briefly characterized, and then the texts of Jan Starczewski on the legal basis and the functioning of social welfare were subjected to analysis. Also, little-known postulates of changes in the system of pre-war social protection were published, which were published in the discussed journal in 1938. The article ends with general conclusions, with reference to modern times, that in the sense of the reception of the system's functioning we may be at a very similar point as before the war. And just like 80 years ago it is impossible to say today what and when the reform of the social welfare system will take place.
  • Bookshelf
  • Reconstruction of social workers' activities with people with mental disorders (161)
  • Remind me who I am (165)
  • Information – Country
  • 1st Pomeranian Self Help Forum for People with the Experience of the Mental Crisis - good practices and the future (171)
  • Notes about the authors (181)

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