Polityka Społeczna (Social Policy) 2018/04

  • Opportunities, threats and unknown employment at the stage of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution"
    The author presents the chances, threats and ambiguities of employment at the fourth industrial revolution stage of the post-industrial era. He considers the consequences of expanding atypical forms of employment in the development of the fourth phase of the post-industrial economy. New technologies and related non-regulated forms of employment constitute a serious challenge for labor law, social security law and social policy.
  • Identification of factors conducive to the creation of co-production in the creation of social services in the local environment - the prospect of Seniors' Councils
  • Application of the social bond mechanism in financing tasks of the social economy in Poland
  • Polish model of legal protection against sexual harassment in employment
  • From scientific research
    • Palliative and hospice care in social and economic terms in the perspective of the Szczecin agglomeration
  • Information
    • Past - Present - Future. 100th anniversary of Polish social policy
  • New releases
  • Diary of "Social Policy"

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