Monitor Prawa Pracy (Labor Law Monitor) 2020/11

  • News
    • Changes in the law
    • Bills
    • Taking leave after the end of parental (maternity) leave and employment protection
    • Consequences of omitting the written form when entering into, changing and terminating an employment contract
  • Articles
    • (Not) Equal Treatment of Highly Mobile Workers Trade union as an entity conducting business activity
    • The contribution payer criterion in the aspect of the dispute over the interpretation of Art. 8 sec. 2a system act
    • The impact of scientific theories in the field of psychology and psychiatry regarding the phenomenon of mobbing at work on the latest jurisprudence of common courts on the example of poorly defined notions "persistently" and "long-term" as elements of the statutory definition of mobbing
    • Benefits during the period of temporary incapacity to work due to COVID-19
    • Termination of an employment contract due to liquidation of the position at an employer whose organizational structure depends on an external entity
    • Pursuing supplementary claims in the event of unlawful termination of a term employment contract with notice
    • The illusion of an employment contract
    • A judgment above the demand, the identity between the content of the decision of the pension body and the limits of the court's decision
    • Social privileges

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