• News
    • Maternity allowance and the entrepreneur's sickness insurance
    • Changes in the law
    • Draft legal acts
    • Injury to a third party in the performance of employee duties
  • Articles
    • Permission to shorten or extend the notice period
    • Interdependencies between the posting of workers and business trips
    • Employer as an administrative entity
    • Labor law’s challenges in a tight labor market - experiences form Hungary. Part 1
      The basis for termination of an employment contract without notice
    • Withdrawal of the appeal regarding compensation for the loss of the right to free coal
    • Employee's right to share in the event of commercialization of a state-owned enterprise
    • The right to an invalidity pension due to inability to work in places of seclusion
    • Establishment of national legislation in the field of social security
    • Retaining employee status

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