• Subject of the number
    Working hours in 2023 - determination and planning
  • You must know about this
    • Can the employer prohibit the granting of leave in certain months (4)
    • Is it possible to send an employee on forced leave while not working due to a power outage (6)
    • Equivalent ratio in 2023 (9)
    • Correction of the contribution to the Company Social Benefits Fund for 2022 (12)
    • Higher health insurance premium for certain entrepreneurs and new rights of the flat-rate tax payer (15)
    • Should remuneration for classes conducted by teachers as part of an EU project be included in the calculation base of thirteen (17)
    • Higher funding for occupational therapy workshops and professional activity centers from 1 January 2023 (20)
    • What benefits is an employee who is ill at the turn of 2022 and 2023 entitled to (22)
    • Higher foreign posting rates and another increase in the domestic allowance (24)
  • Answers to staffing questions
    • Can a member of the management staff demand time off in exchange for on-call duty in the company (26)

Monitor Prawa Pracy i Ubezpieczeń (Review of Labor and Insurance Law) - the whole list