• From the practice of a production manager
    • Increasing the safety of employees and the workplace - the case study
      Does the company aim to introduce special isolating valves or electrical disconnectors for each new production line? During the modernization of the enterprise, do the persons responsible for the project make sure that the LOTO procedures reflect the changes introduced? Is the company sure that it has made every effort to ensure that their employees can perform their duties in a safe environment? If the answer to any of the questions is "no", then the implementation of the LOTO procedure may prove to be not only useful, but also necessary to build a safe production environment.
  • The art of motivating
    • Motivating employees - some practical remarks
      I have recently conducted a series of training courses for production masters. The topic concerned the implementation of new employees and we often discussed how to effectively motivate them. So that the most sensible people would like to stay in the company as long as possible. One of the exercises was a task in which the masters had to recall their first days at work. By the way, I recommend this type of thinking in different situations. Putting yourself in a different role than the current one: remembering from your experiences, or just reflecting on how I would think or act in such a situation - is a great way to look at a topic from a different, broader perspective. In this case, I encouraged you to move from the role of the boss to the role of an employee for a moment. This not only widens the view but also helps to understand the other party's perspective.
    • Where Can I Find Strength to Support Others?
      We live in unstable times. We have not yet managed to recover from the pandemic when we were shocked by the information about an armed conflict just outside our country. Many production managers have lost their employees overnight, others are struggling with the emotions of their subordinates. It is more important than ever for a manager to be empathetic and support his people. But where to get the strength and energy to effectively support others? How to take care of yourself in these difficult times?
  • Conflicts in the hall
    • 6 mistakes in implementing automatic maintenance
      The implementation of autonomous maintenance is perceived by many companies as a remedy for problems with the machine park and increasing the involvement of operators in taking care of its condition. However, in order to achieve its goals and improve cooperation between production and maintenance, it is necessary to avoid a few common mistakes and use a few good practices.
  • Open Access
    • Modern techniques in machine diagnostics
      In Industry 4.0, there is less and less space for a foreman with a hammer to tap the housing in search of a potential machine failure. On the other hand, electronics and IIoT ( Industrial Internet of Things ) take up more and more space.
  • Inspector's eye
    • Maintenance of motors ' drives
      Trouble-free operation of the motor requires a number of maintenance procedures to keep it in good condition. It is also necessary to correct faults found during operation on an ongoing basis. It is difficult to clearly define the time that should pass between one maintenance and the next. It depends, inter alia, the conditions under which the machine works.
    • Innovations in production for the Polish food industry
      Although food processing is almost as old as the world, the food industry is still an industry with great potential for change. They result from the very development of technology and changes in food preferences and the impact of food production on the environment. Thus, on the one hand, innovative technical solutions affect production, and on the other - social needs force innovation. Some of them stem from the same trends that accompany other Industry 4.0 solutions. Others reach almost futuristic heights, straight from science fiction movies .
    • Legal work for foreigners in Poland - support and benefits for Ukrainian citizens
      Currently in Poland we have very diverse regulations regarding the employment of foreigners. Different regulations apply to citizens of the European Union, and others to citizens of other countries - and citizens of six of these countries may be employed in the so-called simplified mode. In addition, from March 12 this year. Ukrainian citizens under a special act.
  • I am the boss
    • Onboarding of foreigners
      Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, over 2 million people fleeing the armed conflict have come to Poland. Some refugees treat our country as an intermediate point on the map of their travels to another country. However, quite a number of Ukrainian citizens plan to stay in Poland until the end of the war, and maybe even longer. This means that in the next few months the labor market will be flooded by a wave of employees looking for a permanent place of employment, and employers will face the challenge of their proper implementation. How to prepare the existing teams for the admission of a foreign employee and facilitate the start of refugees in Polish enterprises?
    • Automation as a cure for staff shortages
      In the era of the coronavirus pandemic , the search for a drug and a vaccine was (or still is) the first need. This situation also meant that we had to verify how our production plants should be run in such situations. Staying at home meant that the need to automate production processes, and in fact all processes, also became the first need of our plants, enterprises and companies.
    • Lean Six Sigma, i.e. a combination of the two most effective methods of improvement
      Lean processes, is speed and immediate action, and Six Sigma means locating deviations and eliminating them. Therefore, over time, both approaches were combined and this is how Lean Six Sigma was created, which draws on the richness of both approaches. However, in order to try to understand how Lean influences Six Sigma and vice versa, and how much value for the organization brings them together, it is necessary to learn at least a small part of both approaches.
  • The subject of the issue
    • How not to be manipulated when the team manipulates the production manager
      Manipulation is an indispensable element of functioning in society. Even if we are not aware of it, she often accompanies us. Sometimes we manipulate others, and other times we allow ourselves to be manipulated by our comrades. These are not always deliberate actions. Is manipulation harmful? How to avoid its negative effects?

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