• From the practice of a production manager
    • Healthy management - VIVIO company
      As a strategic consultant helping companies to improve and earn money, I traveled all over Poland and have already visited over a hundred companies. Many of them impressed me with the way they develop or the way they approach working with people. However, recently the company Vivio impressed me the most . It is a small company that primarily supplies healthy food to thousands of customers in Poland.
    • In Solaris - with class
      Solaris Bus & Coach knows perfectly well that the company's employees are the foundation of the company. Vocational education of future employees has been one of the priorities of the organization for many years.
    • Effective onboarding in a production company
      In 2019, in the articles "Strong in genbie. Recruitment for production at Toyota "and" Direction Toyota, or recruitment myth busters", in which I described the recruitment process for the Toyota factory in Jelcz Laskowice, I did not fail to mention that the onboarding process, which covers all newly hired employees, deserves a separate article .
    • Minimizing losses through effective use of pneumatics
      The effectiveness of pneumatic systems is determined by the appropriate use of all elements that work in the installation. It is about both the compressed air production stage, as well as its distribution and collection.
  • The art of motivating
    • Support systems for production workers
      Does it matter that the employee feels good in his workplace? Will a company in which an employee feels that he has the support of the employer in various types of situations (including difficult ones) be more attractive to candidates?
  • Conflicts in the hall
    • Detect and fix problems before they cause an unplanned downtime for the machine
      They say you have to know your enemy in order to win. It is no different in the case of failure on production lines. To detect and fix problems with lines or machines, we first need to learn about them from scratch. An excellent tool for this is the failure / downtime database. It is a kind of archive that we should refer to in order to analyze the previously occurring downtime and their causes. Thanks to this tool, we will be able to detect problems more efficiently in the future before they cause unplanned downtime of machines.
    • Emotional intelligence as an element supporting difficult conversations in production
      Communication is the basis of interpersonal relations, and our communication skills depend on the level of our emotional intelligence. A high level of emotional intelligence is high social skills. High EQ means better interpersonal relationships, more effective management, greater motivation and efficiency.
  • The eye of an expert
    • Acquiring valuable employees
      An extremely important area of the leader's responsibility is to expand the team in response to the needs resulting from the increasing scope of duties, rotation, and changes taking place in the company. The search for specialists is extremely difficult today, due to the reduced supply. Meanwhile, we all like working with people who know what to do, know their stuff, are polite, specific and committed, right?
    • A business approach to maintenance
      The Maintenance Department is the liver of production companies. Cleans, repairs and maintains all machines in the plant. Stocks the necessary equipment and spare parts. It consists of employees with specific knowledge and skills who take care of the smooth functioning of production. He works in the background among other specialists and teams, often at night, during summer holidays, in the shade. Cream for positive effects is drunk by the production department, i.e. those who theoretically do the most important work.
    • The LEAN concept in creating sustainable production
      Caring for the environment is now a global priority. The largest manufacturers recognize that responsibility and sustainable development bring the company not only image benefits, but also contribute to the improvement of production methods. Every organization should take action today to adapt to the current and future legal requirements related to environmental protection.
  • I am the boss
    • When the Production Manager Negotiates
      We often associate the concept of negotiation with a process in which two teams with different interests come together to win something for each other. In our head we have trade negotiations and negotiating large contracts for the organization, or meetings with trade unions. In the context of these associations, one might wonder if the production manager should be able to negotiate.
  • The subject of the issue
    • Machine-to-machine communication
      Information and knowledge give power. What does it mean? Well, information is key to how digital society adds value and redistributes power. In a connected world, information gains strength through permanent storage and widespread distribution. The more information, the more difficult it is to manage and make decisions based on it. Today, the art of wise data management belongs to the portfolio of modern engineers.

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