• From the practice of a production manager
    • Reduction of jobs. How to terminate a contract with an employee without exposing the employer to legal consequences?
      The state of the epidemic announced in Poland and the restrictions changing like in a kaleidoscope are hardly stimulating to our economy. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of a number of practical aspects of the dismissal procedure to help ensure the dismissal is legal and protect the employer against claims as far as possible.
    • Road to Shingo Prize. How was Vilnius awarded the "Production Nobel Prize"? - interview with Alina Stura , winner of the Shingo Prize
      Since 1988 , the American Shingo Institute has awarded the Shingo Prize - the world's highest standard of organizational excellence for manufacturing companies, sometimes called the "production Nobel". Just as the Swedish award is named after its founder, this award is named after another genius in its field - Dr. Shigeo Shingo, Japanese, co-founder of the Toyota Production System, creator of the SMED method.
    • What content does a production company need? Engaging content on the example of the furniture industry
      Content marketing - content marketing is a strategy aimed at creating and distributing materials targeted at a specific target group. Choosing this communication tool allows you to build a relationship with your audience and strengthen their attachment to the brand. Unique and substantive content should answer the questions and needs of readers, and finally provide them with the necessary information that may contribute to making a purchase decision. The challenge arises when it comes to the so-called a difficult industry, to which the manufacturing sector undoubtedly belongs. How to create content that engages? What should find out on the website of the production company?
    • Planning is a game worth the candle. Case study Poltra Is Lean and thoughtful planning a good option for companies operating on the industrial market?
      In my opinion - absolutely. We will find out about it by analyzing our cooperation with Poltra from Stalowa Wola. It is a family company that has been operating on the metalworking market for nearly 30 years, dealing in the production of tools and equipment for industry. Poltra employs 110 people who work in two or three shifts, depending on the production area. The company's owners decided to use the Lean concept because they wanted to improve specific areas of their activity. They included, among others save time, improve communication and operations, improve efficiency and production efficiency, and reduce costs.
    • Recruitment during the COVID-19 pandemic
      The Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic that continues in Poland and around the world is the most important event of this year. It has an impact on our work. Employers and HR departments faced a real challenge not only to coordinate the remote operation of entire organizations and their current employees, but also to organize safe and effective recruitment. How is the HR industry dealing with this situation and what about recruitment processes?
  • Conflicts in the hall
    • Protection of production against COVID-19
  • The art of motivating
    • Communication in a production company - how to communicate effectively with employees who do not have a corporate e-mail address?
      It is difficult to imagine any enterprise functioning without efficient communication. On the one hand, it is obvious and fundamental for us, and on the other hand, it is a challenge and an art which, through its form and tools used, influences and conditions many different areas of our life. It is also a kind of reflection of the organizational culture. It shows the standards and management style functioning in it. It can be both a cause of success and a source of failure.
    • Remote education - what should a manager know about this type of competence improvement methods?
      For some time now, I have been accompanying my clients from manufacturing companies in changing their approach to training organization. The external reality is that more and more plants are training or thinking about remote activities for their employees. This applies to virtually all types of courses. Starting with compulsory training, such as occupational health and safety, and ending with the development of social competences: communication or employee management.
    • Motivating employees in times of increased challenges faced by the organization
      Motivating employees has become more important than ever and in some organizations - extremely difficult. More than usual employees work remotely. We are dealing with increased absenteeism - more employees are on sick leave, and at the same time some of them are in isolation or quarantine.
    • What you should know about working at night
      Working at night is often the only solution for an organization. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages. It is worth being aware of them and knowing what is involved in working at night.
  • The inspector's eye
    • Supplements to the remuneration for presence at work Work
      absenteeism is nothing more than the employee's absence from work. The absent employee not only brings no profit, but also generates costs. Can the employer effectively influence the level of employees' absence from work? If so, what actions will produce results?
  • The subject of the issue
    • Sisyphean work, i.e. when it is not even worth thinking about Lean
      Lean Management based on the Toyota Production System versus its caricatures >> what the 5 Lean principles tell us >> 14 Toyota principles and other systematized sets
    • Implementation of quality and efficiency standards
      In the 21st century, flexibility and time to respond to market needs are the basic conditions for the company's competitiveness, and often also for its development or operation. Probably everyone already understands that synergy is good and lack of synergy is bad. How many times have you had to explain to clients, bosses or auditors that if we double the number of operators, it might not be possible to double the production? And how many times have we doubled production, but the number of complaints has tripled?

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