• From the practice of a production manager
    • Lean Management in family businesses, or how you can take care of constant and profitable improvements in your business
      Family businesses are this unusual type of business that retains its employees for years. Why unusual? Because we live in an age where many people are climbing the career ladder, moving from one corporation to another. No ties, no deeper relationships. It is different in the case of family businesses, which focus on people, are able to develop their potential for many years, and both parties benefit from this cooperation to the fullest. This is a great advantage and often a challenge when the idea of introducing changes in the way the company operates. How to make the wolf full and the sheep whole? Lean Management comes in handy. What is it and how can it grow your business?
    • Efficient production teams - understand how your employees think and use their potential
      Building effective production teams, as well as creating efficient teams in an organization, is a big challenge. Employers more and more often face the problem of selecting the right people so that the goals of the company/department are met at a satisfactory level. On the one hand, it results from the constantly decreasing level of unemployment, and therefore experts and specialists are not left without work for long. On the other hand, the reason is that employers (as well as heads of departments or managers) do not know how to select the right people for the team.
  • The subject of the issue
    • 3P - Production preparation process
      Our processes must be as thin as possible, so that they result in the highest possible value for the client, and we are burdened with the least possible costs. Therefore, both when planning new processes and when we want to optimize the existing ones, we should reach for 3P.
  • The art of motivating
    • Development in times of plague
      It is worth taking care of the professional development of employees and raising their qualifications throughout their professional career. We are currently dealing with an exceptional situation in which some tools that we have always used (training, postgraduate studies) do not function or function in a changed or limited scope. Moreover, many organizations have to reduce budgets for employee training and development and give up expensive forms of training. Is it worth investing in employee development in the current situation? If so, what should you focus on?
    • The role of the immediate superior in the process of developing subordinates' competences
      The situation is slowly normalizing. However, workplaces operate in accordance with the recommendations of the sanitary regime. As a result, not all management functions have returned to their former form. This also applies to training for production workers.
    • Communication and commitment in a production company, or how to use content, graphics and video to engage employees
      Communication in the company has always been a challenge, especially in the manufacturing sector. A large number of people of different ages and a dispersed team of office workers and production halls do not make the task easier for the managerial staff. How can the manager's work be easier? How to effectively reach recipients thanks to an accessible form of materials and a simple message?
  • Inspector's eye
    • Termination of the employment contract - form and method of delivery
      When signing an employment contract, even for an indefinite period, we are aware that we are not bound with the employee "forever". The duration of employment will play an increasing role. The volatility of the market environment and the speed of technological changes will force both employees and employers to make decisions about shortening the length of employment in a given organization.
    • The amount is free of deductions for COVID
      As part of Shield 3.0. provisions were introduced concerning the amount free from deductions from employee remuneration. The objectives behind the mechanism of increasing the amount free from deductions from employee wages are obvious. Traditionally, the legislator implements them with the help of complex regulations that can be a source of considerable confusion. Everyone may have a problem with the new regulations - employers, employees, creditors and bailiffs.
  • Conflicts in the hall
    • Problem Solving - everything you need to know about problem solving in the enterprise
      Problems are always and everywhere, and it is impossible to achieve the ideal state. However, such a state can be pursued to minimize the occurrence of problems. Such an approach is characteristic of organizations that base their culture on the philosophy of continuous improvement.
    • Responsibility. Why is it so difficult for employees?
      The biggest problem with our team is that there is no person who would be responsible for this project. The person who would take responsibility for gathering requirements and delivering those requirements Who would guide us when we have doubts. Such a responsible person would finally organize our work.

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