• Legal comments
    • First aid system in the company - what is the role of an occupational medicine doctor (1)
      Every employer, including a medical facility with employees, having the status of a basic occupational medicine service unit, is obliged to provide employees with an efficient first aid system. Check the role of the occupational medicine physician in this system.
    • Does the occupational medicine doctor have the right to carry out travel examinations or in a place other than the address of the registered business (5)
      Occupational medicine is not only preliminary, periodic and follow-up examinations at the headquarters of occupational medicine, but also field examinations and visits to workplaces by an occupational medicine doctor, which allows for better protection of employees. Check how they should go.
    • Can an occupational medicine doctor carry out examinations without consulting a neurologist and an ophthalmologist (7)
      Currently, occupational medicine doctors are prepared to independently assess the basic parameters covered by the examination of specialist doctors. However, it is possible to refer the occupational medicine physician to specialist consultation tests, depending on the indications, primarily: otolaryngological, neurological, ophthalmological, dermatological, allergological or psychological.
    • Assessment of physical and mental fitness for service in the Internal Security Agency - learn about the latest changes (9)
      As of March 19, 2022, the amended regulations concerning the rules for the assessment of physical and mental fitness for service in the Internal Security Agency are in force. The new solutions are to streamline, accelerate and increase the flexibility of conducting recruitment procedures for the ABW service.
    • In what form should the occupational medicine service unit be run (12)
      Is it necessary to establish a medical entity when running an occupational medicine clinic employing one doctor? Should an occupational medicine doctor who works independently also establish a medical entity?
    • Health conditions required from seafarers - new duties of an occupational medicine doctor (13)
      A new model of health certificate and the procedure for registration and issuing of health certificates in the information and control system for Polish ports have been defined. The article presents the details of the new legal regulations.
  • Instruction
    • How to develop a Security Policy for the implementation of electronic medical documentation - instruction

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