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    • Broader prophylaxis as a possible future task of the occupational medicine service (1)
      Recently, an idea has emerged that the occupational medicine service should implement "compulsory" health prevention in a wider scope. There is an idea, but one should wait for specific solutions.
    • The future of occupational medicine in Poland - are there any reasons for concern? (4)
      Information has appeared in the public space on the concept of delegating some of the competences of occupational medicine physicians to representatives of other specialties. Is this substantive and should you be concerned?
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    • Problems with the jurisprudence of temporary incapacity to work due to illness (7)
      Certificate of temporary incapacity to work due to illness, the so-called medical leaves are inseparable from the day-to-day activities of an occupational medicine physician. Regardless of the authorization to issue them, the occupational medicine physician may contact them during check-up or other preventive examinations. The main problem is their mass scale and the related financial burden for the Social Insurance Institution and for employers. For the issuing physician it means the necessity to conduct a thorough examination and to be assertive in relation to the patients' expectations.
    • Preventive examinations of candidates for vocational training and adolescents - an important task of an occupational medicine doctor (9)
      An important, although underestimated, task of an occupational medicine doctor is to perform preventive examinations of candidates for vocational training and adolescents. Their results may be crucial in the process of choosing a profession and determine the future of the respondent. What should be borne in mind in such cases?
    • Bipolar affective disorders - are they a contraindication to work and driving? (12)
      Bipolar disorder is a common mood disorder and has a different course. These are special disorders because they are difficult to recognize and contain two opposing groups of symptoms - mania and depression. Many specialists may wonder whether this disorder will seriously disorganize life and whether it may be a contraindication to work and driving.
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    • How long is it valid for a referral for preventive examinations (15)
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    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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