• Occupational medicine clinic
    • Tips for preventive examinations of Ukrainians (1)
      Due to the influx of war refugees from Ukraine, the occupational medicine service will face the challenge of potential tests of these people before being employed. Find out about the tips on researching Ukrainians.
    • Do the applicable regulations provide for the role of an occupational medicine physician in the practice of an accident at work (4)
      The occurrence of an accident at work obliges the employer to implement the appropriate procedure specified in the regulations. However, does it provide for the participation of an occupational medicine doctor who takes preventive care over the employees of this facility? Find out the answer to this question.
    • Stress during the test - can it significantly affect the results (7)
      The situation of psychological examination is particularly troubling for people who come to it for the first time. The task of the psychologist is to minimize the stress associated with the test itself, so that it does not affect the results of the examined person. Check how to deal with this challenge.
  • Legal comments
    • Assessment of a computer workstation - what should be the share of an occupational medicine physician (9)
      The evaluation of computer workstations is not only the responsibility of the employer. A doctor who provides preventive health care for employees should participate not only in the process of occupational risk assessment, but also in a separate assessment of workplaces carried out pursuant to the provisions of the regulation on occupational safety and health at workstations equipped with screen monitors. Check what role he has in this process.
    • Diabetes mellitus and the ability to work at night (13)
      Can an insulin-treated diabetic employee work at night?
  • Forms
    • Instructions for filling in the referral card to the regional medical commission of the Internal Security Agency (15)
  • Calendar of changes
    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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