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    • How to test temperament using the Jan Strelau questionnaire (1)
      As part of psycho-technical research in the field of occupational medicine and transport, a psychologist examines temperamental traits. One of the frequently used tests is Formal Characteristics of Behavior - Temperament Questionnaire by Polish author Jan Strelau. According to this theory, what is temperament, what characteristics can be measured and what do they say about the examined person?
    • Hearing impairment and driving - do the applicable legal regulations ensure safety (4)
      Is the sense of hearing important for safe driving? Should an occupational medicine physician performing driver examinations think about it? Find out the answers to these questions.
  • Legal comments
    • How to specialize in occupational medicine (7)
      A physician may qualify as a specialist in a specific field of medicine. The list of medical specializations includes, inter alia, occupational medicine. Check the procedure for obtaining specialization in occupational medicine.
    • A second degree medical certificate should be preceded by repeated examinations of the employee (10)
      Sometimes the lack of properly conducted evidence proceedings in a case for a declaration of an occupational disease may lead to the annulment of the decision issued in this case. Check when this could happen.
  • Forms
    • Medical certificate issued after a policeman's periodic or control examination - how to fill in (12)
      In order to establish the ability to perform tasks in the occupied service position, a police officer is obliged to undergo periodic or control examinations on the date indicated in the referral for such examination. Periodic and control examinations end with a medical certificate stating, respectively, the existence or absence of health contraindications for service in a specific position. Check how to complete them.
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    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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