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    • From 2022, a lower lump sum for occupational doctors (1)
      From 2022, the lump sum reduction from 17% to 1 4% will cover, among others, activities carried out by doctors. Check what changes within the framework of the Polish Deal may be expected by people who practice medicine, including occupational medicine doctors.
  • Occupational medicine clinic
    • Simulation and dissimulation in the practice of an occupational medicine doctor (4)
      Certification is one of the statutory tasks of every doctor. In the case of an occupational medicine physician, however, it is by far the dominant part of the activity. This is an area that requires a different methodological approach than in the case of a clinician, if only because of the limited credibility of the interview. What should be borne in mind during the examination?
    • Can a psychologist refuse a psycho-technical test and when (8)
      Should the psychologist or must refuse the examination, what are the contraindications for starting it? When and for what reasons should a person be excluded from group research? Why is it worth informing the respondents about how to prepare for the research?
  • Legal comments
    • Electronic medical documentation in occupational medicine clinics - what you should know about it (10)
      During the introduction of new IT solutions in each occupational medicine clinic, various difficulties may occur, disrupting the operating mode of the entire therapeutic entity. Therefore, activities related to the implementation of electronic form of medical documentation should be undertaken sufficiently earlier. Find out how to seamlessly join this process.
    • And should the occupational medicine doctor recommend updating the occupational risk assessment in terms of coronavirus (12)
      Should an occupational health practitioner advise the employer, for whom he carries out preventive care for employees, to update the risk assessment regarding the coronavirus? Most employers had already updated their occupational risk assessments before the entry into force of the amendment to the regulation on harmful biological agents for health in the work environment and protecting the health of workers exposed to these factors, but there was no coronavirus at that time.
  • Forms
    • How to issue a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 (14)
    • What you should know about the New Ship Seaman's Health Record (15)
  • Calendar of changes
    • Most recent legal changes (16)
      • On December 15, 2021, only doctors will qualify children up to 15 years of age for vaccination against COVID-19
      • On December 15, 2021, vaccinations against COVID-19 in children from 5 years of age
      • December 25, 2021 - equipment of first aid kits on ships and a specimen health card for seafarers

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