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    • Whether carpal tunnel syndrome in an office worker should be considered an occupational disease (1)
      Carpal tunnel syndrome (CCI) is mentioned in some sources, mainly in popular non-medical journals, as a possible result of intensive work at the computer. Hence, probably high frequency of reporting suspicions of this disease as an occupational disease among office workers. However, there is no undisputed scientific evidence of such a relationship. How to proceed in such cases?
    • “I drink like everyone”, how to check the propensity to drink in the respondents (5)
      We ask about addictions in the interview with every respondent, not only those who had their driving license withdrawn for driving under the influence of alcohol. We often hear people say, "I drink like everyone else." Why is it worth asking every researcher about the consumption of alcohol? Check what questions specifically to ask.
    • Health leave for teachers - which should be taken into account by an occupational medicine doctor (8)
      Exposure to unfavorable factors in the working environment can make teachers ill, as a result of which - according to the Teacher's Charter - they may apply for a leave for health care. Check what decisions in this case are made by the occupational medicine doctor.
  • Legal comments
    • Burnout as the basis of e-ZLA confirmed inability to work (9)
      Information has appeared in the public space, which shows that the latest International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Problems systematizes burnout as a disease for which from 2022 it will be possible to obtain sick leave. However, it is not so clear cut. Get the details.
    • Early preventive examinations - practical doubts (13)
      The doctor conducting the examination may set a shorter period for the next preventive examination. It cannot be ruled out that the employer will refer the employee for preventive examinations before the date specified by the doctor conducting the examination. Learn the rules of early preventive examinations.
    • Instructions on how to complete a medical certificate issued to a teacher for the purpose of granting health leave (15)
  • Calendar of changes
    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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