•  Forms
    • Preventive examination card - what are the rules for filling it in (1)
      Employee preventive medical examinations are accompanied by the generation of specific documents. These include the preventive examination card referred to in the regulation on medical examinations of employees. Check how to complete the preventive examination card.
    • Physical fitness test of professional soldiers - how to fill in the necessary documentation (4)
      A profesional soldier is obliged to maintain physical fitness ensuring the performance of his official tasks. For this purpose, he undergoes an annual fitness check. Check what can not be missing in the certificate confirming the results obtained from individual competitions along with the assessment.
    • Register of issued judgments - learn the rules for completing it (7)
      Doctors carrying out preventive examinations keep medical records. Pursuant to the provisions of the ordinance on conducting medical examinations of employees, the scope of preventive health care for employees and medical decisions issued for the purposes provided for in the Labor Code, part of this documentation is the register of issued decisions. Check how to complete it.
    • What must be included in a medical certificate that there are no grounds for a diagnosis of an occupational disease (9)
      During the administrative procedure regarding the recognition of a given disease as an occupational disease, doctors employed in specialized occupational medicine institutions issue appropriate medical certificates. If the test results and the available documentation are against the employee, a decision is issued that there are no grounds for the diagnosis of an occupational disease. Check what elements must be included in this document.
    • New form for referral to the medical commission in the Prison Service - how to fill it in (12)
      Proper selection of candidates for service is ensured by medical boards under the authority of the minister of internal affairs. They verify the health condition of future officers and decide on the necessity to admit them. Check how to fill in the new form of referral to the medical commission in the Prison Service.
  • Legal comments
    • Preventive examinations - 5 most frequent questions and answers (14)
      Employees are subject to periodic inspections and, in specific situations, final examinations, taking into account the specific regulations in force during the COVID-19 epi-demise. How to solve the most common problems?
  • Procedures
    • The procedure for cleaning and disinfecting ventilation and air-conditioning installations in public utility facilities due to the spread of COVID-19 (16)
      When you use air conditioning in an occupational medicine clinic, due to the spread of COVID-19, follow the opinion of the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene regarding cleaning and disinfection of this type of installation.

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