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    • Is it possible to keep records of occupational medicine in both electronic and paper form (1)
      Do we also have to have paper notebooks with the patient's signature when keeping medical records of occupational medicine in electronic form?
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    • Determining driver qualities - what qualities an ideal driver should have (3)
      The driver's psychological examination includes checking such functions as cognitive processes, intelligence, psychomotor performance, personality, with particular emphasis on functioning in difficult situations and social maturity. However, what specific features are responsible for the fact that someone is a good driver? Who is the perfect driver?
    • Adjudication of occupational disease - chronic obstructive bronchitis in the light of the new definition (6)
      By the regulation of the Council of Ministers of June 23, 2021, the definition of occupational disease included in point 5 of the current list - chronic obstructive bronchitis was changed. What consequences will the introduced changes have for the diagnostic and evaluation procedure?
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    • Mobile work tools - the role of an occupational medicine physician in organizing such work positions (9)
      Office workers perform work in specific conditions of the working environment. In their case, it is more difficult to find an accident that is possible in a worker position, especially when performing particularly dangerous work. However, office positions are characterized by specific risks, e.g. related to the use of mobile work tools. Find out how to prevent them.
    • Preventive examinations - we dispel doubts of occupational medicine doctors (13)
      Although the provisions of the ordinance on medical examinations have been in place for a long time, as well as the provisions of the act on the occupational medicine service, there are many doubts related to referring to examinations and their implementation. Find out what they are about and how to solve practical problems.
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    • Preventive medical examinations - which must not be missing in a referral (14)
      One of the most important duties of every employer that employs attorneys-at-law is to take care of and comply with health and safety regulations. one of them is referring the employee to an occupational medicine doctor for examination, which will confirm the absence of contraindications to perform work under the conditions specified by the employer. Check what cannot be missing in referring to medical examinations.
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    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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