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    • Employee achievement motivation - how to measure it in occupational medicine research (1)
      Motivation immediately accompanies employees and their organizations. It is one of the basic and most important factors influencing the success and failure of enterprises. Is this a feature that can be measured in occupational medicine research?
    • Kidney diseases, preventive examinations of employees (5)
      Chronic diseases of the urinary system in the period of renal function rarely constitute significant contraindications to work. However, there are diseases of this system in which the pathogenesis of exposure to harmful factors of the work environment plays an important role. Which of them should be kept in mind when performing preventive examinations?
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    • Accidents, work-related diseases and the progressive age of employees - challenges for the occupational medicine service (8)
      A great challenge for the occupational medicine service is taking actions related to counteracting occupational and non-occupational diseases, taking into account the fact that not only young people are professionally active, but also people who have acquired the right to resign from professional life. Check what activities the occupational medicine physician may be involved in.
    • Remote work - what consultations may be requested by an employer from an occupational medicine doctor (11)
      The COVID-19 epidemic contributed to the introduction of remote work, which may raise doubts as to the proper and safe organization of work, including the role of doctors providing preventive health care for employees. Check what consultations your employer may ask you for.
  • Forms
    • What cannot be missing from the summary of the officer's examinations before sending him to a sanatorium (12)
      In the case of wounds, contusions, mental trauma or illness by an officer or due to his psychophysical state, he can be referred, according to the doctor's instructions, to a free treatment and prophylactic stay. Check how to complete the summary of medical and psychological examinations necessary for referral to such a stay.
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