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    • Tetanus attacks in the workplace - a judicial problem (1)
      The occurrence of clinical symptoms that may affect the safety of work performed may be a significant problem in jurisprudence. The presented case concerns a man with tetany attacks, probably in the course of primary inactivity of the parathyroid glands, performing work that requires full psychomotor performance.
    • Employee personality research in the light of the Big Five (5)
      Personality is a difficult concept to define. In the psychoanalytic theory, a person was perceived as a system driven by instincts and drives. Behaviorism describes personality as an aspect of behavior that is assimilated in a social context. Humanist theories focus on subjective psychological experiences and human striving for self-realization. In occupational medicine research, questionnaires based on the theory of features are most often used - especially the Big Five.
    • Infodemiology and infodemiology - what are the sources and effects of disinformation (8)
      Information influences the health behavior of society, so medicine must also contribute to identifying and combating harmful and false information. Learn tips for occupational medicine doctors that will help in educating a patient during infodemus.
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    • How to organize the work of disabled people - qualifications of an occupational medicine doctor (10)
      The safety and ergonomics of work performed by disabled people should be a special priority. In the case of employees with disabilities, the role of occupational medicine doctors is strategic and goes beyond direct labor law regulations. Check what permissions they have.
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    • Suspicion of an occupational disease: what the examining physician should pay attention to in the occupational exposure assessment sheet (13)
      Currently, at the stage of adjudication proceedings, in the course of establishing the diagnosis of an occupational disease, the examining physician relies on the data included in the occupational exposure assessment sheet. What to look for in one of the most important documents when diagnosing an occupational disease?
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