• Legal comments
    • Should an occupational medicine doctor participate in the control of the National Labor Inspectorate in the workplace (3)
      What is the role of a doctor who provides preventive health care for employees in the process of control and supervision carried out by the inspector of the National Labor Inspectorate?
  • Forms
    • What to take into account when issuing an occupational disease diagnosis (5)
      After reporting the suspicion of an occupational disease, a doctor competent to adjudicate on an occupational disease issues a decision on the diagnosis of an occupational disease or there are no grounds for its diagnosis. Check what should be taken into account when issuing such a document.
    • What cannot be missing in the medical certificate stating the lack or contraindications to work (7)
      The employer may not allow an employee to work without a valid medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to work in a specific position under the working conditions described in the referral for medical examinations. Find out how to complete such a ruling.
    • How to complete an appeal decision from a road transport inspector's psychological examination (10)
      If the examined person receives a negative decision of a road transport inspector's psychological examination, the decision may be appealed against through the examining psychologist. Find out how to complete this appeal decision.
    • What are the powers of the doctor who examines an officer of the Marshal's Guard (11)
      Check what is included in the referral and what other permissions you have to conduct research.
    • What are the necessary elements of referral for examinations in connection with suspected occupational disease (13)
      An authorized person (e.g. a doctor or dentist who suspects an occupational disease in a patient in the course of practicing the profession) should report the suspicion of an occupational disease to the employee on the appropriate form Check how to complete a referral for examination in connection with a suspected occupational disease.
    • Corrective actions against occupational exposures to COVID-19 - procedure and audit list (16)
      Medical workers should be subject to special protection, as their work is an integral part of the fight against the pandemic. The purpose of the procedure is to take appropriate, quick corrective measures to minimize the occupational exposure of medical personnel to COVID-19.

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