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    • What about preventive medical examinations, if the government lifts the epidemic (1)
      Due to the declining number of COVID-19 patients, vaccinations and easing restrictions, there are voices that the government will introduce an epidemic emergency instead of an epidemic. Therefore, when to apply for a special p ady on preventive medical examinations of employees?
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    • Susac's syndrome at a sales representative causing a fatal accident (3)
      Occupational medicine physicians who, in accordance with the new regulations, independently perform specialist examinations, must be aware that they are responsible for their proper performance and interpretation of the results. Meet the case of a woman in whom visual field limitation in the course of Susac's syndrome caused a fatal accident.
    • How to minimize the risk of psychosomatic diseases caused by stress (5)
      Paradoxically, the greatest risk of psychosomatic diseases is the result of a combination of high demands with little independence and limited ability to act. Check when it is worth considering in-depth research with a psychological consultation and a more complete analysis of the future workplace.
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder - symptoms and diagnosis (8)
      Post-traumatic stress disorder can occur in people who have experienced a traumatic experience. Secondary post-traumatic stress disorder may also occur among the professions that are subject to harm and suffering on a daily basis at work - such as doctors, veterinarians, and uniformed services . What are the symptoms and how to recognize it?
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    • What are the tasks of an occupational medicine physician in the process of occupational risk assessment (10)
      A physician providing preventive health care for employees should participate in the processes of recognizing and assessing occupational risk also during the COVID-19 epidemic. Check what belongs to the statutory duties of a doctor.
    • Whether to perform periodic examinations of employees during the COVID-19 epidemic (12)
      During the epidemic period, the performance of periodic examinations pursuant to special provisions is suspended. However, the question arises whether, taking into account the current downward trend in the epidemic, employers have the right to send employees for periodic examinations, and the occupational medicine facilities with which employers should have signed contracts should perform them?
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    • Psychological tests of the driver - what to pay attention to when issuing a judgment (12)
      A driver performing road transport is subject to psychological tests, which are carried out in order to determine the existence or absence of psychological contraindications to perform work in this position. As a result of the examination, the driver obtains an appropriate psychological certificate. Check what should be included.
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